Ever since we’ve played the first video game, years ago, no matter if it was Tetris, Populous or Black & White, we had the chance to become, more or less, gods in each game we play. From Sims to Command & Conquer, we change, we influence things, we are The Man (or The Woman, of course). But the God Game genre – and the idea of being a god in a game – is evolving with ThanksGiving Life by DDT Games, a unique game that’s scheduled for release on iOS in 2016.

Under the form of a massive hands with godlike superpowers, in ThanksGiving Life you will interact directly with the citizens of your city, helping them achieve their dreams or laughing at their face and doing as you please. Play Cupid or play as the bad guy, set their homes on fire or turn the next door fatty into the leanest person that ever was – these are all things that you will be able to do in ThanksGiving Life. And much more.

The game can be funded through its Kickstarter campaign and will get a ton of improvements, graphics included if funding is successful, but you can still check out some early footage and be amazed of the greatness that’s about to come:

I am extremely excited about ThanksGiving Life, and I’m putting it on my wish list, even though we only know that it’s “coming 2016”. Better than 2017, though…


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