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TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble Release Date, New Chibis, Arenas & Everything You Need to Know

TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble Release Date, New Chibis, Arenas & Everything You Need to Know
Image by Riot Games

The TFT Set 10 release is just around the corner, with plenty of exciting new stuff on the horizon. You’ll find new chibis, mechanics, and cosmetics, among others. Let’s see everything that’s coming up with the latest set.

When is TFT Remix Rumble coming out?

Image by Riot Games

If you’re eager to learn about the TFT Set 10 release date, we have some great news. The new set is coming alongside the latest patch, 13.23, and it will drop on Nov. 21. But in case that date sounds too far away, there is even better news.

The PBE for Set 10 has been available since Nov. 7, so you can jump in and see what it looks like before the set is incorporated into the game proper.

Changes in mechanics

Several new and returning mechanics will become available with TFT Set 10:

  • System mechanics
  • Portals and Augments
  • Headliners
  • New rank

System Mechanics

Starting with the relatively small changes, TFT Set 10 will bring along a few system changes. First, there’s a reduction in bag size, which means every in-game unit will have fewer copies going around. Next, high-cost unit odds are lowered. Finally, you’ll need less gold to level up.

Portals and Augments

TFT Set 10 will bring back the Set 9 mechanic—Region Portal. However, these portals won’t be as impactful as those from the previous set. Effects will be milder to ensure Portals don’t affect gameplay too much.

In terms of Augments, the mechanic will remain with plenty of older variants making a return. However, TFT Set 10 will also introduce new Augments.


Headliners will represent one of the more important changes brought by Set 10. These are special two-star units that will become shop regulars. Players who don’t have any Headliners in their roster will find them in every shop, while those with Headliners will still be able to find them, but only in every third one.

Importantly, Headliners will feature unique buffs, some of which will be related to skill, AD, health, etc. Returning Set 4 players might recognize this mechanic since it has plenty in common with Chosen.

New rank

One of the aims of TFT Set 10 is to introduce a more efficient skill group classification. To that end, the new set will feature the Emerald rank, nested between Platinum and Diamond. If this sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve likely seen this rank in League of Legends.

K/DA Chibi KaiSa, K/DA Chibi Akali, Heartsteel Chibi Sett, and Chibi Sett

New chibis are also arriving with TFT Set 10. They’ll become available in Treasure Realms, where you’ll be able to draw unique arenas, chibis, and other content.

The classic chibi Sett will be available through Treasure Realms, while Heartsteel Sett will only be available for two weeks. Two K/DA chibis will also be joining the roster, and they’ll become available at specific dates.

K/DA KaiSa will arrive in Treasure Realms three weeks after TFT Set 10 launches. K/DA Akali will come around Dec. 20 and spend the next two weeks in rotation.

New arena

Treasure Realm in TFT Set 10 will offer a new stage—the K/DA Arena. You’ll be able to get this stunning setting through the draws, and the arena will hang around past Sett for two weeks.

These are the essential news about TFT Set 10. Stay tuned for more news from us, or keep an eye on Riot Games for TFT updates. And tell us what you’re looking forward to the most with the new set.

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TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble Release Date, New Chibis, Arenas & Everything You Need to Know