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Scuttle Puddle Returns in Teamfight Tactics 13.22 | Patch Notes

The new Patch 13.22 update for Teamfight Tactics has arrived! Here are all the changes you must know about.

The latest patch for Teamfight Tactics introduces plenty of exciting changes, from system tweaks to bug squashing. Let’s look at what goodies await you in the game now!

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What’s new in Teamfight Tactics?

Firstly, Fortune’s Favor returns to the game with a visual update and a new name: Choncc’s Treasure. And things only get more interesting from there.

The next change coming with the new patch refers to starting units. Now, you get random 4- or 5-cost units, and every player receives same-cost units. Players also receive loot orbs after the Carousel, with the rewards becoming bigger the further you progress into the game.

Reaching Tactician Health 50 grants you a large golden orb that contains special rewards. Better yet, loot drops now include two new items: Choncc’s Rocket-Propelled Fist and Choncc’s Prowler’s Claw.

Generally speaking, loot patterns and drops have been overhauled in the new patch, so you can expect a better reward system. Finally, Remastered and Region Portals are now available.

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Player onboarding

Plenty of patch changes refer to new player onboarding. In particular, all new players can only queue for Normal matches moving forward. In the first three games, bots will be activated to ease newcomers into TFT. The bots won’t be present afterward.

On the other hand, experienced players won’t experience these changes.

Region Portal and Overtime changes

When it comes to Region Portals, both Beats By Scuttle and Scuttle Puddle are active again. Additionally, Scuttle Dragon has more generous drops, including increased gold amounts, as well as an extra item.

In terms of Overtime, buffs in URF now don’t grant any additional AD or AP. However, there’s a stacking buff that increases by the second, adding 10% more damage and attack speed while removing 10% received shielding, healing, and crowd control.

Trait changes

Here’s a list of traits modified with the latest patch:

  • Bilgewater damage amp
  • Bruiser structure and HP
  • Freljord max health and true damage
  • Gunner AD per stack
  • Ixtal Wind, Stone, and Electric Stun duration
  • Ixtal Stone Heal and Wind AS
  • Zaun Adaptive Implant Overcharge and AD/AP & Omnivamp
  • Zaun Hextech Exoskeleton Base and Overcharge heal
  • Zaun Robotic Arm Overcharge
  • Zaun Virulent Biovare Overcharge and base damage
  • Zaun Shimmer Injector base heal and AS

Unit changes

Tier 1 unit changes

The list of changes to Tier 1 units is as follows:

  • Illaoi Harsh Lesson Damage and Mana buff
  • Milio Mana and Ultra Mega Fire Kick
  • Orianna Command: Protect damage and shield
  • Poppy Steadfast Hammer damage

Tier 2 unit changes

  • Kassadin Force Pulse damage
  • Naafiri Eviscerate AD ration and AS
  • Soraka Astral Infusion heal, damage, and AD
  • Taliyah Seismic Shove damage
  • Vi Blast Shield damage AD ration and Mana buff

Tier 3 unit changes

  • Darius AD and max Mana buff
  • Karma Inner Flame damage and Mana buff
  • Rek’Sai Furious Bite mark damage ration

Tier 4 unit changes

  • Fiora Mana buff
  • Silco Mana buff and Undercity Tactics damage and healing

Tier 5 unit changes

  • Ahri Essence Thief damage
  • Heimerdinger Apex Turret Refractor Beam damage and functionality
  • Heimerdinger Apex Turret Mechano Swarm Rocket damage
  • Ryze (Bilgewater) max Mana buff, loot and gold chances, and size scaling (per gold)
  • Ryze (Noxus) max Mana buff and Axes number
  • Ryze (Piltover) shared damage, area duration, and Mana buff
  • Ryze (Shurima) chance for gold and item spawns and Mana buff
  • Mana buffs for Ryze Bandle City, Demacia, Freljord, Ionia, Ixtal, Shadow Isles, Targon, and Zaun

Other unit changes

To wrap up this report, Bel’Veth’s Royal Maelstrom ability has also been changed in the patch. It now has 6/6/25 base Lashes instead of 6/6/30, and targets all enemies at three stars.

In terms of bug squashing, Baron’s Gift and Nashor’s Tooth will no longer be applicable to champions without Mana.

All these changes await you with the latest Teamfight Tactics patch. Keep an eye on our News section for more of the exciting news from gaming, and let us know which change you’re looking forward to the most.


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Scuttle Puddle Returns in Teamfight Tactics 13.22 | Patch Notes