The unique retro looking sandbox game Terraria has received a new update today which address some issues of the game as well as introducing some long awaited new features. If you thought the game was addictive already, you will be going truly crazy for the new features.

A multiplayer mode has been added for Terraria, which includes a couple of different play modes. In the co-op mode you will be able to play with 4 other players, who can join your holes digging, demons battling endeavors. This mode will work accross any device by using Wi-Fi.


Together with the co-op mode, 505 Games has added an all new Players Versus Player mode, where you can fight your friends in one versus one matches as well as team matches.

As if these new features weren’t enough, 505 Games has tweaked the game’s controls a bit, allowing gamers to touch and drag items from the inventory bar to the game’s world.

Terraria is now available on the App Store. The game can be played on both iPhone and iPad. 505 Games wants to develop a sequel for the game which will include many new features that haven’t been included in the original release for a lot of different reasons.

Terraria 2’s development has yet to begin so don’t hold your breath while waiting for the game. Use this time wisely and just keep creating in the original Terraria!





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