Terraria: How to Get Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm in Terraria is a very important item for crafting. You can obtain it in post-Plantera Hardmode. It drops from Dungeon Spirits in the Dungeon. It is an essential item for crafting the Spectre gear. Spectre armor and tools require Ectoplasm. Here is the guide that explains to you how to get Ectoplasm in Terraria.

How to Get Ectoplasm in Terraria

To get Ectoplasm in Terraria you will need to dig down and go through caves and mines. At the bottom of the world, you will reach the Underworld. Here you need to find and kill Voodoo Demon to get the Guide Voodoo Doll from it. After that, throw the Voodoo Doll in lava and defeat the Wall of Flesh boss. Here is where Hardmode starts and you can fight three mechanical bosses. After you beat each of three of them at least once you will need to go to the Underground Jungle. There you will find a Plantera Bulb. Destroy it with Pickaxe and fight the boss that appeared. That is how you enter into a post-Plantera Hardmode.

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To find Ectoplasm you need to go to the Dungeon after you reach post-Plantera Hardmode. There you will find a new enemy, the Dungeon Spirit. It is not an easy enemy to defeat, so prepare your character well. It drops Ectoplasm.

How to Use Ectoplasm in Terraria

There are plenty of items you can craft with Ectoplasm. You will need to use Adamantite or Titanium Forge to create bars, or Mythril and Orihalcum Anvil to craft other items. Here is the list of items you can craft with Ectoplasm:

  • Spectre Bar
  • Ghost Wings
  • Naughty Present
  • Pumpkin Moon Medallion
  • Spectre Hamaxe
  • Spectre Hood
  • Spectre Mask
  • Spectre Paint Roller
  • Spectre Paint Scraper
  • Spectre Paintbrush
  • Spectre Pants
  • Spectre Pickaxe
  • Spectre Robe

This is everything you need to know about ectoplasm in Terraria. Do you have any other recommendations on this item? Write them in a chat below.

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