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Terraria Guide – Class Setups for Calamity Mod

Terraria Guide – Class Setups for Calamity Mod

Terraria is a popular project that combines elements of survival games and RPGs. In order to defeat your enemies in Terraria, you will have to collect various artifacts and craft different weapons. Your item build will determine your class and today we are going to tell you what kind of character archetypes you can make in Calamity Mod. This Terraria guide will tell about class setups for Calamity Mod.

Class Setups in Terraria Calamity Mod

Terraria is an amazing game and it has a lot of different mods that you can install. Calamity Mod is one of the most popular modifications and it adds a huge amount of weapons, artifacts, monsters, and bosses. So, you may want to know what kind of class setups you can make with all of these additions and in this guide, we will tell you about some interesting archetypes.

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Terraria is quite an unusual RPG and there you can’t simply choose your class when you create a new world. Instead of it, you will have to shape your character during your playthrough. Your class is determined by the weapons, armor, and artifacts that you use. So, there are a few archetypes that you can make that way, and here is the list of all class setups in Terraria Calamity Mod:

  • Fighter – This class setup requires you to use melee weapons and make your avatar as tough as possible. Such a character is able to deal a decent amount of damage but its attack range is really short.
  • Shooter – This is a good class for those who prefer to attack from a decent range. It requires you to use various bows, guns, and other ranged weapons. You will be able to deal tons of damage but you will also have to purchase lots of arrows, bullets, and other types of ammunition.
  • Mage – This class uses magical weapons that drain your mana. So, you will need to increase this stat to make sure that all of your weapons will work.
  • Summoner – This class is able to summon lots of different followers that will help you to fight your enemies. Some of the minions that you can use in Terraria are really strong and with their help, you will be able to beat the toughest opponents.
  • Rogue – This is a new class setup added in Calamity Mod. It provides you with a new stealth mechanic that helps you to deal more damage. Also, you will need to use various throwing weapons.

As you can see there are many classes that you can play in this game and we will be glad if this guide helps you to choose the one you like the most. Also, you could check our guide on how to summon the Moon Lord in Terraria. Good luck with your further adventures in Calamity Mod!

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Terraria Guide – Class Setups for Calamity Mod


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