Temple Run 2

Last month a new Temple Run 2 trailer has been shared online, teasing the new big update that was going to be released soon for the game. Not much else has been said about the update since then but players can now finally see what this Frozen Shadows update is all about, as it has recently been made available on the App Store.

The Temple Run 2 Frozen Shadows update adds plenty of very interesting content to the game such as new locations to run through, new outfits, new challenges and much more. Frozen Shadows includes so many new features that it almost feels like a completely new game.

A cold wind is blowing…. Welcome to Frozen Shadows!

Guy, Scarlett and the gang find themselves in a forbidding new land, full of new obstacles and challenges. Surf the ice luge, race across the frozen forests, unlock new outfits, and above all, beware the snowy Demon Monkeys which lurk behind every corner!

Temple Run 2 is now available in all regions on the App Store. The Frozen Shadows update is also available right now for download in all regions.




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