Templar Battleforce

Templar Battleforce, the excellent role playing game developed by Trese Brothers now available on the App Store, has already received updates in the past few weeks but it seems like the team is not yet satisfied with its game, as a new update has been made available recently introducing a variety of tweaks and enhancements.

Among the additions of the latest Templar Battleforce are new Xeno variations, remixed music tracks and more.


Here are the full details of the latest Templar Battleforce update.

– Added move path highlighting for Templars
– Remixed some music tracks
– Multi-Kill Achievements with Napalm Charge
– Higher Difficulty “Skip Tutorial” Grants XP Bonus
– Removed Required Berserker Spawns from Maps
– Fixed Mid-Level Saving of TP Credits & TP Upgrades
– Increased Duration on Indomitable Defense to 4 Turns
– Added Spawn Control Rule: burning fire on a spawning point prevents spawning
– New monster variations added, appearing as squad increases in level
– 2 New xeno Hunter variations: Plated Hunter (+Armor) and Predator (+MP, +Dmg)
– New xeno Spitter variation: Lancer (+Range)
– New xeno Goliath variation: Siege Goliath (+HP)
– Damage show on the map even if -0; differentiates miss / soaked hit
– Improved Neptune’s Full-Vent Talent: directly reduces Heat in trade for move / defense penalties
– Fixing incorrect locations in Objectives list
– Burst Fire and other attack Talents include range in detail box
– Improved consistency of weapon naming
– Fixed Reported Crashes and Bugs

Templar Battleforce is now available for purchase on the App Store.




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