The sequel to the breakout hit Teeny Titans is officially on the way! Teen Titans Go! Figure is the follow up to last year’s Cartoon Network surprise hit. The forces of evil are trying to put the Teeny Titans out of business, and now you have to battle to find out who!

In Teen Titans Go! Figure, players will go beyond Jump City and explore iconic DC universe locales like Metropolis and Gotham, homes to some of the biggest DC stars ever. DC heroes will enlist your aid, and you can help to complete special missions. You can even participate in tournaments at the Hall of Justice or Batcave.

But of course, there’s always danger and crime lurking around every corner. Teen Titans Go! Figure features real time action RPG battles where you will fire off special moves with the simple tap of a button – just make sure the battle bar is charged! Battles are 3-on-3, but only two combatants will fight at a time. You can switch out your heroes to launch special team attacks!

Just like in the previous game, your battle team will consist of little figurines of your favorite DC heroes! There are over 100 figures to collect, and they include legendary heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, The Radical Titans, and more! Your figures level up with experience and unlock new abilities over time.

You can even customize your figures which changes how they behave in battle! Each figure can be repainted, and this will swap their abilities around. There is no limit to the amount of team combinations you can come up with, so make your squad your own!

Of course, the adventure still plays out from the perspective of our favorite Titans. Play as any of the titans and watch the story unfold with unique cutscenes and new voice lines from the original voice actors.

Teen Titans Go! Figure is available for pre-order on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for $3.99. The game is scheduled for a July 19 launch.


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