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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get to Valor Island in TotK

Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get to Valor Island in TotK
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In the South Lanayru Sky Archipelago, there is a small island at the highest point of the archipelago, surrounded by tall spire-like islands. This island is known as Valor Island, and getting up to it is quite the adventure, so here is our walkthrough on how to get to Valor Island in Tears of the Kingdom.

Getting to Valor Island in Tears of the Kingdom

Like most environmental puzzles in Tears of the Kingdom, there are multiple ways to get to your destination. Reaching Valor Island is no different, though there does seem to be an intended way for you to get up there, and our guide explains all the steps.

Our journey starts at the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower, located on the east side of Hyrule. Fast travel there, then use the tower to launch yourself into the sky.

Up in the sky, look to the north and you should see a medium-sized island. Glide over there, and use some stamina recovering elixirs and food if you need to. You are also still in the cold (but not for long), so dress warmly.

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There is a small pond on this island. Go past it, and you should see a pre-built Zonai flying platform, complete with four fans and batteries. There is even a Steering Stick included, so take control and start flying to the east, towards the small chain of islands.

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Your target destination is the large island on the far east side of the archipelago. The Zonai flying platform should have enough juice to get you to the next small island, and each island has more pre-built devices for you to use. You are basically island hopping from each of the small islands, commandeering new Zonai vehicles along the way.

One of the islands is surrounded by the Zonai platforms suspended in air. Each of the platforms has a Soldier Construct on it with some rockets nearby, so go ahead and fuse a rocket to one of your shields. You will need a rocket shield later on, so do not forget to do this!

Once you make it to the large island, the Mayanas Shrine is here, but you need to grab a green crystal in the northeastern part of the island to activate the shrine. It is not required to do this, but activating the shrine and completing it gives you an easy fast travel point back here, in case anything goes wrong.

Now, it is time to start going up towards Valor Island. Near Mayanas Shrine, you should see one of those rotating tables with the launching mechanism. Rotate the platform so that the mechanism is pointing northwest towards the cylindrical islands, then launch yourself over there.

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The mechanism only launches you part of the way, so glide until you reach the side of the island. Your goal here is to get to the very top, so use a combination of Ascend and good old-fashioned climbing to get there.

Once you are at the peak of the spire islands, you can see Valor Island just out of reach. Remember the rocket shield you fused earlier? It is time to whip that out, so equip it and hold down the ZL button to rocket yourself upward.

You should get just enough height to glide over to Valor Island. Congratulations, you have made it to Valor Island! You can now do the skydiving challenge to win the Glide Mask.

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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get to Valor Island in TotK