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Tears of the Kingdom: How to get Crenel Peak Cave Frog in TotK

Tears of the Kingdom: How to get Crenel Peak Cave Frog in TotK
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Crenel Peak is a mountain range that borders the Lanayru Wetlands in east Hyrule. As to be expected of a mountain range, there are lots of caves to explore in Crenel Peak, with the primary one being the aptly named Crenel Peak Cave. If you are looking for more Bubbulfrogs, there is one in this cave, so here is how to get Crenel Peak Cave frog in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find Crenel Peak Cave’s Bubbulfrog in Tears of the Kingdom

First, let us mosey on over to Crenel Peak Cave; refer to the map below if you do not know where it is. There are actually two ways to enter, but we will be going in from the western entrance for this guide.

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As soon as you enter Crenel Peak Cave, you should see a small group of Blue Bokoblins, alongside their big boss man. Be careful of the Blue Boss Bokoblin, as he can do some real damage if you are not prepared.

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Once you take out the Bokoblins, look for another passageway blocked by hard roots. Burn the roots away, then break down the wall of cracked boulders.

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When you get to the next chamber, you are confronted with… even more boulders! Surprise! There are two ways to go from here, so bust through the boulders on the right side.

Thankfully, this boulder wall is a little thinner than the previous one, so you should see the other end with a few Bomb Arrows or hammers. On the other side is what you have been seeking: The Bubbulfrog!

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If you are interested, there is also a shrine down here as well. Go back to the fork in the road, and start chipping away at the large chunks on the left side of the wall.

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Break through the rocks all the way and go down the passageway to reach the Jojon Shrine. Once you are done with the shrine, Crenel Peak Cave is 100% complete.

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Tears of the Kingdom: How to get Crenel Peak Cave Frog in TotK