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Tears of the Kingdom: Best Location to Farm Luminous Stone in TotK

Tears of the Kingdom: Best Location to Farm Luminous Stone in TotK
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Hyrule is full of rich ores and minerals, and Luminous Stones are some of the most valuable. You need lots of Luminous Stones to upgrade special armor sets, and they are also worth a pretty penny, for those that have Rupees on the mind. Here are the best locations to farm Luminous Stone in Tears of the Kingdom.

Farming locations for Luminous Stones in Tears of the Kingdom

There are several caves littered throughout Hyrule that host Luminous Deposits. Unfortunately, there is no one location that is filled to the brim with Luminous Stones, but we can show you all the caves where you can find the deposits, denoted by red stars.

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The caves you are looking for are:

  • Hebra – Hebra Great Skeleton
  • Hebra – Hebra Mountains Northwest Cave
  • Hebra – Hebra South Summit Cave
  • Central Hyrule – Crenel Hills Cave
  • Eldin – Pico Pond Cave
  • East Necluda – Mount Floria Cave

Each one of these caves is home to a few sets of Luminous Stone deposits, so come ready with many hammer-type weapons to break them all.

Some of these caves, like Crenel Hills Cave, even have large cracked chunks of Luminous Stone. You break through them just like you would a cracked wall, and you can find some Luminous Stones among the debris. You do not get as much as you would from an actual deposit, but every single piece counts.

For the most efficient farming, complete shrines around these caves so that you can fast travel around quickly. Go around the whole surface map, clear out these caves, and then simply wait for the next Blood Moon, as that respawns the deposits.

Blood Moons make the actual deposits respawn, but not the large cracked chunks, unfortunately. Still, these are the best locations to farm lots of Luminous Stone.

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Tears of the Kingdom: Best Location to Farm Luminous Stone in TotK