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Tears of the Kingdom: All Bubbulfrog Locations in TotK

Tears of the Kingdom: All Bubbulfrog Locations in TotK
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Bubbulfrogs are mysterious creatures that love to dwell within caves in Tears of the Kingdom. They are not particularly dangerous, but they spew bubbles when they feel threatened. Hunting these guys down rewards you with Bubbul Gems, which can be exchanged with a certain person for rare goodies. Here are all Bubbulfrog locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

All Bubbulfrog locations in Tears of the Kingdom

There are over 100 caves to explore on the surface of Hyrule, and every single one of them houses a Bubbulfrog. Bubbulfrogs are not particularly hard to find once you are in the cave, so here are some general hunting tips:

  • Look up often. Bubbulfrogs love to hide on the ceilings of caves, so keep your head on a swivel to ensure you have eyes on all angles.
  • Keep an eye out for cracked walls. If you have checked all the walls and ceilings of a cave, there is a good chance the Bubbulfrog is hiding behind a wall full of cracked boulders. Be sure to bring lots of rock-fused weapons or Bomb Flowers when you are on the hunt.
  • Listen for those frog noises. Bubbulfrogs make typical frog noises, but slightly more bass-y. If you can hear them croaking, you are close.

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The hardest part about hunting Bubbulfrogs is simply finding the caves in the first place. Rather than forcing you to squint your eyes at a small, compressed image cramped with hundreds of cave icons, we highly recommend checking out Zelda Dungeon’s interactive map for all cave locations.

To help you keep track of the caves you have cleared, cave icons gain a checkmark on them if you have found the corresponding Bubbulfrog. Compare your Purah Pad map with the interactive map to see where you should search next.

Finding Caves with Bubbulfrogs in Tears of the Kingdom

You have probably encountered a Blupee at some point while adventuring through the lands of Hyrule. Blupees look like glowing rabbits, and you always find one nearby a cave entrance. Shoot them with an arrow to get some free Rupees, then follow them as they retreat towards a cave entrance.

You can also call upon the forest spirit of Satori Mountain if you are having trouble finding caves. If you ever come across a pink tree with a single statue in front of it, drop an apple into the basket. There is one northeast of Lookout Landing, directly north of the Yamiyo Shrine.

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The Satori Mountain spirit suddenly appears before you, and it lights up the entrances of all caves with a beam of light. These beams of light last for a while, but not forever, so take advantage of them while you can.

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If the beams of light disappear, you can return to the pink tree and drop another apple in to request the Satori Mountain spirit’s guidance once more.

On top of all this, you can talk to Koltin, the man responsible for all this Bubbulfrog mayhem. When you are talking to him, whether near Tarrey Town or at any of his traveling locations, you can ask him if he senses any nearby Bubbulfrogs.

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Koltin points you in the exact direction of a cave you have not cleared yet. This is the biggest hint mechanic of them all, so always ask Koltin for help if you are completely lost.

Looking for more guidance through the lands of Hyrule? Be sure to check out our dedicated Tears of the Kingdom guide collection.

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Tears of the Kingdom: All Bubbulfrog Locations in TotK