Tasty Blue is that mobile game that tells you what could happen if you ignore the warnings and overfeed your fish. In this case, though, it’s all for fun because you have to grow bigger and bigger and eat as many crazy things as possible, while avoiding larger things and all those bombs that will eventually try to get you. It’s all pretty straightforward when it comes to playing the game, but in case you need some extra help, we’re here with some Tasty Blue cheats and tips.

Our tips will help you grow faster and get those three stars (which we now seems impossible at first!), while at the same time helping you to have more fun. So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out some Tasty Blue tips and tricks below for those looking to grow the largest fish that there ever was. And do it as fast as possible to grab the three star ratings!

Grow as quickly as possible
Eating the smallest things is fun and taking your time to explore and hunt also has its benefits, but this is a game where you need to grow – and do it fast! Therefore, always try to eat the largest things available because those help you grow at the fastest rate. But at the same time, don’t waste too much time hunting for one large thing. In other words, always eat something, and go for quantity: the more time you waste, the higher the chances of you not getting those 3 stars.

Learn the areas
You can easily learn the way each level is designed and where the best food options are. For example, in the first area (the one that’s available for free), as soon as you get into the water, you start eating shrimp. As you get a bit larger, you should take advantage and eat all the stationary items that are on the bottom (bottles, starfish and so on).

Always know where the largest foods are (and the larger quantities) based on your current size. If an area gets really dry in terms of food options, move to a new area and return a few seconds later – it gets repopulated automatically!

The deep ocean & the surface
The good thing about this game is that, once you get large enough, you can eat things at the surface as well, from birds to boats and even the houses in the small city you evade from. Always keep an eye on those and know when it’s the right time to jump out of the water and all all those sitting ducks: for most cases, everything that floats or is above water levels is easy prey that helps you grow a lot in a very short period of time.

Things get easier when you start having the possibility of eating surface stuff: simply spend time underwater, eating the largest things available, then simply use boost to quickly get above water levels and devour everything above. Do this repeatedly and you will have a nice, steady flow of good food to grow large fast.

Boost is your friend
Using boost is extremely useful: from escaping predators and obstacles to eating large quantities of food quickly, it can really save the day and improve your game, so learn to use it. One of the best uses I found for boost is when moving from the depths to the surface: simply gain some speed while going up, then jump out of the water, describing an arch (never jump vertically!) and you will normally eat a ton of stuff, choppers included!

Avoid the enemy
Early on, you don’t really have a tough time in terms of predators and it is really easy to avoid the larger animals that could hurt you. But when you reach a specific size and you’re close to meeting the requirements to complete the game, the nuclear subs and boats/choppers start appearing and shooting missiles at you. That’s when things get a bit more complicated.

Early on, I suggest moving in such a way that you guide the homing missiles to hit the subs and clean the path for you. Remember: you can touch the submarines and boats without getting hurt, but not the missiles. Try to avoid them for as long as possible and you will soon be large enough to be able to eat the submarines and everything else above – at this point, just be fast as everything gets extremely easy.

Buy the extra levels
Playing the same level over and over again does help you get the three stars, but also gets old pretty fast. There are over 70 level designs in the full game and you can unlock them all with a one-time purchase. So if you have as much fun as I do playing this title, get even more fun out of it and help its developers at the same time by unlocking the extra content.

So these would be our tips and tricks for Tasty Blue. If you have other strategy suggestions for fellow players, let us know by commenting below.


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