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Taptap Heroes Codes (February 2023)

Taptap Heroes Codes (February 2023)
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What would you do if Freya, the goddess of hell, got a hold of the holy sword with creation powers? That’s the main question of Taptap Heroes, an idle RPG that features more than 500 heroes in six different factions.

If you want to stop Freya and upgrade your heroes as soon as possible, you will for sure welcome codes that you can exchange for various useful resources that will help you increase the power of your heroes and get them ready for stronger enemies.

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All Taptap Heroes Codes

Active Taptap Heroes Codes (February 2023)

These are all the currently redeemable codes for Taptap Heroes:

  • FEB2023KING: Get 2 Super Wheel Coins, 500 Gems, and 5 Golden Keys (valid until February 19, 2023)
  • GLEXBIVLCK5: Get 800 Gems (valid until February 28, 2023)
  • TH777: Get 20 Golden Keys (redeemable after you clear level 3-15)

Expired Taptap Heroes Codes (February 2023)

These codes cannot be redeemed for rewards any longer:

  • 7XTTHX7
  • 2020LOVEYOU
  • GALAXY001
  • BUNNY2022
  • Eatmooncake
  • 2ChineseEve
  • Tappumpkins
  • QHSJYX55555
  • 2022HPNY
  • LOVEYOU2021
  • TTHalloween
  • SEP2022T9H
  • MAR2022TTH
  • TTHSpring21s
  • Moongift1
  • Halloween01
  • JAN2023NY
  • midautumn6
  • DEC2022SNOW
  • SORRY202002
  • 2021MXTY
  • HALNOV2022
  • TTH2020
  • FEB2022TTH
  • 2ndbirthday
  • JUL2022T7H
  • TTH2022LUCK
  • JAN2022TTH
  • AU82022TTH
  • lovedad2022
  • Halloween2?
  • LOVE2022MOM
  • tthsurprise
  • dragonboat5
  • TTHFeedback
  • 4FAG61P41
  • RABBIT2023
  • LOVE7777777
  • Thxcomeback
  • J6N2022TTH
  • Anniversary
  • alsgdkf
  • LABOUR2022
  • 2021NEWYEAR
  • Cosplay
  • LOVE2022TTH
  • ZONGZI2022
  • M5Y2022TTH
  • child4ever
  • 20501aegina
  • Lantern2021
  • OCT2022TTH
  • 2022FOOLS

How to redeem Taptap Heroes Codes

Taptap Heroes redeeming codes
Image via TouchTapPlay

Redeeming Taptap Heroes codes takes a bit of grinding at first, and it is not the most straightforward process. Once you start the game, you should fight enemies and bosses until you reach Level 20. After that, follow these directions to redeem codes for some useful in-game resources:

  1. Open the game on your device;
  2. Tap Menu in the upper left corner of the main screen;
  3. Hit Options;
  4. Tap Go next to Gift code in the new pop-up screen;
  5. Click on the text box and type in or paste the code;
  6. Hit Exchange.

The game will offer to take you to your mailbox, where you can claim the free rewards.

There are a few shortcuts that you can use to get to the text box for redeeming codes—you can also tap the icon with 20 Golden Keys and the code TH777 on the right side of the screen to get access to the text box right away.

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How to find more codes for Taptap Heroes

Many game developers love to keep their communities engaged by posting information about timed events and new codes on their social media channels. The same goes for Taptap Heroes. You can look for more free codes on the game’s Twitter (@TaptapHeroes) and Facebook (@WestbundGame) pages. Another great resource for staying up to date on free codes is to join the Taptap Heroes Discord server.

However, if you don’t have the time or the patience to hunt for codes on your own, you can always come back to this article and check for new additions to the currently working codes list.

Why are Taptap Heroes codes not working?

In case you’re struggling with redeeming one of the codes, try to look for spelling errors or make sure that the code you want to use hasn’t expired yet. These are the most common issues with redeeming codes for any game, including Taptap Heroes.

You will have the best chances of success if you copy the code from our list of active Taptap Heroes and paste it directly into the gift code text box in the game.

How can you get more free rewards in Taptap Heroes?

Codes are not the only way to get freebies in Taptap Heroes. The game offers you a chance to earn free Gems, Coins, Keys, and other resources by participating in limited events, completing daily quests, spinning the reward wheel, and claiming loot from the box.

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What is Taptap Heroes?

Taptap Heroes is an idle RPG that allows you to collect a team of heroes and fight the forces of evil on your quest to stop Freya, the goddess of hell. Your goal is to summon various characters via the gacha system and upgrade them using different resources that your party is grinding for by fighting different enemies, even when you step away from the game.

Upgrades are crucial for success against more advanced enemies, so make sure to use all the codes you can find, as you will need a lot of gems, coins, and keys to summon and level up your favorite characters.

If you’re looking for more free codes for your other games, don’t skip our dedicated Codes section featuring all kinds of mobile, Roblox, and other titles.

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