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Taptap Heroes Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide (Tap Heroes)

Taptap Heroes Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide (Tap Heroes)

Taptap Heroes aka Tap Heroes (or Tap Tap Heroes) is a fun new mobile game that challenges you to unlock heroes, build awesome squads and defeat endless waves of enemies. And we’re here to help you do all that like a pro by sharing some Taptap Heroes cheats and tips in today’s article.

Although the main selling point of the game is its visual appeal, since the graphics are absolutely beautiful, it is also extremely complex and has a lot to offer in terms of features and things to do in the game. From unlocking rare heroes to defeating tons of enemies and taking your alliance to glory, we’ll cover everything in today’s article.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below some Tap Heores tips and tricks / Taptap Heroes tips and tricks.

1 & 2 Star Heroes are useless
Even soon after starting the game, 1- and 2-star heroes are pretty much worthless. You might use one or two 2 star heroes for a couple of days until you get better options from the game, but you shouldn’t focus your resources on leveling them up.

In the long run – and actually starting really soon after you start playing the game, these low star heroes are worthless.

They are not good for sending into Expeditions even at higher levels and are pretty much worthless. You are safe to sacrifice them in the Altar for materials at any time.

Fight the Bosses ASAP
Going up the levels is extremely important, as the rewards get better the farther you go. So it’s a smart thing to fight the bosses as soon as you get that chance.

However, if you want to play it like a Pro, you should play it smart and when you log off, leave your heroes idle battle in a stage that delivers equipment you need.

For example, if you need new helmets for your heroes and the current stage doesn’t offer one as a potential reward, you should find the first stage that does and select that as your idle stage. There are also stages that give you hero shards, and these are great for idling as well.

Use the Blacksmith
After spending a lot of time in idle mode in a particular area, you will have a ton of weapons or apparel of a specific category. Now it’s the perfect moment to head over to the Blacksmith and start improving that piece of equipment in order to get better stats for your heroes.

This does cost quite a bit of money, but it helps a lot so it’s worth it. Use this feature together with the tip recommended above and in a few days you will have top equipment for all your main heroes.

Don’t forget to actually go to your heroes’ screen to equip the said equipment – once a day is usually enough and there’s rarely a need to do it manually: select auto equip instead and you’re all set!

Join an active Alliance & add friends
Being part of an active alliance and then adding some friends are two important things in TapTap Heroes because this gives you even more opportunities to progress faster and get more goodies in the game.

It is vital to be part of an active alliance, though, so don’t be afraid to switch alliances if the one you’re currently in doesn’t seem active enough. And when you join, try adding all your alliance mates as in-game friends. This comes with added benefits and makes your life a lot easier.

How to unlock your first 5-star hero
The easiest way to unlock a 5 star hero in Tap Heroes is to register your account with an email address, then reach level 45. This will give you a 5 star Amy, which is a really solid Assassin hero in the game.

Keep your eye on Quests and Events
Tapping the Menu icon to the upper left side of the screen opens up a lot of options, including Quests and Events. You can take part in each event twice per day – so make sure you take advantage of that.

The quests also come and go regularly, so strive to complete as many as possible each day in order to get all the rewards and make your life a lot easier in the game.

It’s easy to know when there are new quests or event rewards to be completed or checked out – there will be a red dot above the Menu and each of the categories.

Be patient with the Fortune Wheel
The best thing to do when it comes to spinning the fortune wheel for rewards is to wait until you get 8 tokens, as this gives you 10 spins.

Otherwise, the price is 1 token per spin, so it’s worth waiting a few days to get the required 8 tokens for the extra free spins!

Don’t forget about the free Hero summons!
Every 8 hours, you can summon a 1-3 star hero for free and every day you get a rare hero summon. However, this is not marked by a red dot or anything else, so you have to remember and keep on checking out the store in order to get your free goodies.

These would be our tips and tricks for fellow Taptap Heroes players. If you have anything else to add to help us, let us know by commenting below.

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Taptap Heroes Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide (Tap Heroes)



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