What can you do when you’re feeling down and you have some spare time on your hands? Taps to Riches! That’s the name of a brand new tapping game available on the App Store and Google Play. The concept is simple and you’ve been there, done that already, but you’ll want to do it again. And we’re here to help you get the most out of the game by sharing with you a bunch of Taps to Riches cheats: tips and tricks to help you get rich quickly in the game.

So without further ado, let’s get tapping and upgrading! Here are our Taps to Riches tips and tricks!

1. Work on getting the easier milestones first
The milestones for the buildings unlock for every 25 levels/upgrades you purchase. Each milestone you reach increases the speed at which the profits are collected, basically doubling or increasing your profits by a ton.

I would personally suggest for you to but the cheapest options available first and work your way up as you get more money: taking the Fireworks Foundry to level 200 is easy and cheap, while getting the Basset Hound Buses to a high level is really expensive. In the long run, it’s the big expensive buildings that will generate most profits per second, but early on focus on the cash on hand from the cheap upgrades.

2. Add friends on Facebook
Friends that you can add in the game by connecting it to Facebook will increase the number of Keys that you have and in return will increase the number of Crates you’ll be able to open. So make sure that you connect the game with Facebook and add as many friends as possible. Ask for Keys and open them to get goodies and advisors. Don’t forget though that you can still win keys from tapping the houses in the game.

3. Watch videos for VIP Points
You will sometimes get the option to watch an ad and win some VIP points in return. You’ll only earn 5 VIP points for watching an add and you need 350 to unlock the first level, so without making at least one purchase, it will be a long ride to get there. But you will get there, so make sure that you always watch the videos for VIP points when you are offered the option

4. How to deal with ads
The game is made in such a way that you might end up believing that you have to watch an ad in order to get the Business Bonus or whatever bonuses you earn in the game.

However, that’s not true: so if you don’t really want to double your rewards, simply tap the X button to close the window and you will still get your original bonus! But I personally believe that you should take advantage of the ad boost as often as possible.

5. Tap the house that gives you most money
With each new area that you unlock, you get a brand new house to tap on. However, in most cases, the amount you get from tapping that house compared to the amount you’d get from tapping previous houses is lower.

I don’t really know how the tapping income works – maybe it’s connected to the overall income generated by the buildings in the area, or the number of upgrades, but either way, make sure that you always check out the amount you receive per tap and tap the house that gives you the most. It’s that easy!

6. How to deal with Advisors
You will win Advisors from the crates in the game or buy more with gems. There are over 100 Advisors currently available in the game and you can only use 3 at a time. Therefore, playing it smart when it comes to them is a must in order to increase your profits. So here is what you should do:

Know what Advisors you have and what bonuses they offer. Some offer a price reduction on milestones, some offer an increase of earnings per tap, some boost the revenue of all or one type of business. The trick and most important part here is that they usually work in a specific area only.

So if you have the Shakesbeer advisor, it will give you 5x Speed in Dust Valley only, meaning that all businesses in Dust Valley (the first area of the game) will produce revenue 5 times faster. Always set as active the advisors that make more sense and don’t be afraid to switch them based on your current goals.

For example, if you have an advisor that reduces the cost of Milestones in a particular area, there’s no point in having them active at all times. Just make sure to switch them back in the game before purchasing a milestone, then remove them until you buy a new milestone and so on.

If you are in the game and tapping, use one that increases the revenue per tap and replace them with one that increases profits when you’re not tapping or away from the game. Pay a bit of attention to these details and you’ll progress through the game a lot faster!

These would be our tips and tricks for Taps to Riches. Do you have extra advice for fellow players? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. This game is crap!!! Mostly adds. Gets boring/annoying fast!!!!
    The free gems!!! Hahahaha! Yeah it’s unlikely you will receive them!
    I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone!!!?
    Bitbotz are a joke!

    • You find a guide on the game you hate just to whinge about it? Wow…
      Also, the game isn’t “mostly adds”, you can tap that close button to get your original business bonus. It says “Watch an ad to double your reward!”, not “Watch an ad or we’ll reset everything on your phone”.
      And what’s Bitbotz????

    • bizbots give a boost to your income and can be gotten by trading your progress to earn them and get upgrades from getting enough its worth it or you can spend 30 gems before to not reset or after reseting for the same price of gems but a last chance thing

    • Maybe you don’t grasp the concept of the game it’s not meant to be fast or nuts or crazy it’s a Time game over a long period of time you have to have the attention span I’m sorry you don’t like it I love it and I’m playing for about 6 months now PS you don’t have to watch the ads just press the NEX you won’t get double but you still have to watch

    • If you mean the random ads that popup then just turn your mobile data or Wi-Fi off and then no more ads and you can play the game with out Wi-Fi or mobile data

  2. It s false I have receive 900 gems when i have completed the offers if you don’t receive the gems you just have to ask the administrator

    • That is not always the case. I should have gotten around 4000 more gems than I have received and when I complain there is no response. I have never been able to add friends or ask for or send keys. Yesterday topped it all when one of the advertisers charged my PayPal account over $100 fir some service I wasn’t able to open and had no way of cancelling. Thi game is maybe addictive but it’s all about tricking you into giving your information to advertisers. My inbox is full of spam after I started using the game so some of the advertisers are probably selling your i formation.

      • You are the only person I have ever heard this happening to.. It’s probably something you did, I’ve entered space by now and no kind of problems like that.

    • They increase your money percentage from businesses by a whole lot I recommend activating them for 30 gems and not trading because trading resets everything back to just dust Valley and no businesses are even bought ( you basically are restarting the game except you earn more money )( just use 30 James is worth it and don’t spend them on busybody frequently or you will run out )

  3. Can someone tell my why my game stopped collecting coins automatically? It only does it when I click on houses. How do I fix this I’m getting mad.

  4. I read more very negative ratings than good, maybe it is your service provider.. I have had zero issues with the game, gems free or earned, bizbots, advisory, as well as coins have all proved to progress smoothly. I just did not have a Fb acct until today to link up with friends in the game. My fb name is lion ness. Feel free to add me

    • A crit/Critical tap is for example if you tap for 10,000 a critical tap will be purple( unless you get a business bonus will which will make it green clover next to it ) you will get like 100,000 instead of just 10,000

  5. The game is great..a excellent time killer.. you have to play smart n develop a strategy. Like when u r actually playing the game add advisors that increases critical tap profits.. when not playing be sure to put the advisor that generates the most profits while away.. when purchasing new properties add advisors that reduce costs…and bizbots are your best friend. Use them at the right time.. the higher the percentage per bizbots will increase the profit the most.. hint whatever city is generating the most profits.. Tap that house the most n add the critical taps to that city.. Any questions ask me

    • You are lucky if you get quest tokens to me they are very rare in they are very helpful also you get them from opening creates/chest and you know the daily quests right well that’s what they’re used for you could skip them with a quest token you are lucky if you get quest tokens to me they are very rare in they are very helpful also you get them from opening creates/chest and you know the daily quests right well that’s what they’re used for you could skip them with a quest token

  6. Play the game smartly, watch videos for bonuses, bizbots help your businesses out and boost your money earned every second, bizbots build up as your businesses do , advisors help your buisness but use them wisely, some give you extra bizbots, some boost certain businesses , use your bizbot advisors when your about to get bizbots, use advisors on businesses that are successful and give a lot of money, advisors can be upgraded by getting another of the same card, you may earn cards through daily spin or through the shop, I recommend buying cards from the shop on sundays when they double cards. Do videos and quizzes so you may earn gems, but use gems wisely and think about what you’ll waste it on, Right now most of my businesses are 450+ I don’t know the max yet my biggest business is the soda factory with lvl 700 it’ll get easier as you go on, I’m already in space, earning 6.5 bajillion a second, i have 51,000,000 bizbots and 200,000,000 profit bonus,earth has 10x profit earnings, I already have 3 golden businesses they give you and extra 100% profits, the games fun, just play right and it’ll go great for you. :)

  7. Can w me how the money goes in name. Like what comes after villion is it jillion or zillion?… please some one get back to asap. It’s for my advisor’s. Thank you in advance..

    • They restart your game but you earn money faster afterward… usualy after a restart I reach the same spot i was on in like 5 min of playing

  8. I love this game but it won’t load any videos to double my rewards. Been going on for 3 days now. With where I am at the moment it makes my game move along pretty slow. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Ty :)

  9. This game is not deal by all means I love it but I have come across a problem with money where at one point for example I have 456.89Jillion right well next thing I know I go back into my game after a while and it has some weird number like 8.56767e and I have no idea whay is up I updated the game it was fixed but one my phone undertook an update itself the problem reacured is there something I can do???

    • Yes. Go to the volume menus and turn off scientific notation. Scientific notation is the language used for very large numbers in real terms and is what you are seeing now because you have it switched on. Jillion, Zillion etc don’t exist. They have been made up by the games creators.

  10. the free gem quests are absurd what you have to accomplish requirements are poorly defined and more often than not take longer to complete than building “THE WALL” and more likely than not you will give up long before you see the gems.

  11. How do you earn Bizbots? I have traded them in 3-4 times but now I haven’t earned any in about a week. I’ve upgraded and bought new business, but nothing has increased my Bizbots.

    • Sometimes it takes awhile. Make sure you only activate bizbots when recommended.
      Then, be aware of the extras you receive with your bizbots. For example. Before bizbots I could make the most TAP income on tycoon and the most IDLE income on capital hill – after bizbots my most TAP income is on TAPAN and IDLE is dust valley (profits x 100zillion)

  12. For advisors should you also activate advisors that work on the same cluster like only in dust valley and that will give you more $ or is one advisor for moto one for dust valley and one for for holywood

    • Try all combinations. Then click the map- it will show you how much each “house” is making- Take a screenshot. Change up your advisors and take another screenshot. Compare these photos and see which one pays most

  13. I dont understand the Gold Palette feature. I just got the GP for the Toy Factory and now instead of making 00s, ik back down in the NNs.

    Can anyone explain gold and platinum palettes to a relative newbie?



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