I thought that the endless clicker games had nothing more to offer and I believed until today that the market is over-saturated with this type of games, but I’ve been fortunately proven wrong by Tap Tap Trillionaire, an amazing endless clicker that turns you into the CEO of an investing firm and challenges you to make as much money as possible. And, boy, how fun this game is!

But I am not here to praise it, even though I want to do just that. Instead, I am here to share with you some Tap Tap Trillionaire tips and cheats that will help you move forward faster in the game, get more money, hire the best crew and become a true trillionaire. Because you have to upgrade that office and get all the bling in the world! So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out Touch, Tap, Play’s Tap Tap Trillionaire cheats and tips below!

1. Hire a ton of staff
Hiring staff as soon as you have the chance is the right strategy because all staff will make you money – a set amount per minute and even though it’s not much, it surely is netter than nothing and every little bit adds up. You will get mostly one and two star staff from the regular money grabs, but it doesn’t matter – they are better than none so fill up those spots ASAP. And don’t worry: if you unlock better ones, you will be able to simply switch them one for another. To do that, simply tap the staff member you want to replace and send them on a no pay leave, then bring in the better staff member. It’s easy!

2. Focus on your high-star staff
Each staff member has a success percentage rate. The higher the number of stars they have, the better their starting success percentage. This success rate can be improved by spending coins and even though the costs will become astronomical pretty soon, it’s a better strategy to focus on these high star staff because you will have better chances at actually making more money. What I do is to simply ignore those with less than 40% chances and wait for my top ones to come with a deal. Eventually they will and you will make more money in the long run this way.

3. Hoard on diamonds
You get diamonds relatively easy in the game, especially early on: from completing achievements and from making money for the investor. Hold on to them until you get 75, and then use them to unlock a premium character (guaranteed 4 or 5 stars). These characters are amazing not because they have a better starting success rate, but they also come with some sort of bonus skill that makes it a lot easier for you to get rich. Getting your first three 4-5 star characters should be easy and you shouldn’t stop until you have a full staff of them!

4. Learn to trade flawlessly
There are three types of stocks that you can purchase:

Stock: Regular stocks, they go up and down like crazy and even though you can make nice profits in terms of percentage, the amount of money you get is not that impressive (just a several coins per share).
Artifact: These are the really high value goods and they are extremely expensive, but you can win a lot of money if you buy and sell at the right time
Bond: The most unspectacular of them all, the bonds don’t change value too much, but if you get them at the right time, you can still make nice money on them.

The idea is, obviously, to buy low and sell high. In order to do that, it’s best to know the usual prices for each type of share and you will soon start to learn it (or just check out the trends for each type of stock to make everything easier). Even though it’s not the best example (since you can’t make much money on it), you will know that Cracka Cola has a the lowest price of $2 per share and it won’t go higher than $7 – but buy when it’s at a minimum and sell at the right time, and you can easily triple your investment!

The smart thing to do with trades is to sell when you have a nice profit: taking the previous example, it might be better to sell the Cola shares you have when the price gets to $5 or $6 and invest those money in another company whose prices are at a minimum instead of waiting for the Cracka Cola shares to get to $7. Trade often and go for profits at all times to quickly progress through the game. Also, never sell for a loss – unless you really made a very bad purchase when the prices were insanely high, you will make a profit eventually, so don’t settle for a loss!

Finally, don’t forget to unlock new stock types in each category because they will bring you more profits in the long run, and also level them up so you are able to purchase more stocks.

5. Upgrade your office
As you earn money, you will get the chance to buy stuff for your office. Most of them are purely aesthetic and they don’t really make a difference, but you have a few that can earn you passive money – obviously, you should go for those!

Here is a short gameplay video where I play the game for the first time and absolutely love it. And it’s nice to watch it and look how far I’ve come by now:

These are, for now, our Tap Tap Trillionaire tips and tricks. I hope you will find them useful and they will help you get the most out of the game. Have fun!


  1. Stocks and Bonds gives you the most money… Not the artifacts because I’ve unlocked everything to max and they give you the sh**tiest profits even from buying them at the cheapest and selling them at the highest from comparison of the 3. This guide for money making is ridiculous with his explanation… How I rank them is PATIENCE>Bonds>Stocks>Artifacts

  2. You misspelled can in the article where you said
    Artifact: These are the really high value goods and they are extremely expensive, but you ca win a lot of money if you buy and sell at the right time
    But you can not ca.


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