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Tap Tap Plaza: Mall Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Guide to Expand and Grow Your Business

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to go through all of the Tap Tap Plaza: Mall Tycoon tips and cheats to help you build an absolutely amazing Mall which will bring you a lot of profits on the side!

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If you want to discover more about the game and how you can better improve your stores, your employees and your business overall, then you will definitely want to tune in here because I have prepared the most complete game guide to explain everything that you need to know!

So, are you ready to learn more about the Tap Tap Plaza: Mall Tycoon tips and tricks? Then let’s not waste another second and dive right into them right here below!

Start the game strong

When you start off in the game, you will want to start very strong, so that you will make a lot of money quickly and open up the next big mall for even more profits. The way to do this is by opening new floors to the customers and serving them quickly.

By increasing the price of the items you are also adding huge valor to your department, so let’s start with explaining the most basic things, then move on to the more advanced stuff:

– When you are just getting started, you will have a single floor, and soon you will be able to open the second one.

– At the beginning, you will not have a lot of customers – you will need to make various upgrades for that.

– You can upgrade your floors and even star them up to increase productivity and profit.

– At start you will not have any hired staff at the cashier, so if you have customers you will have to serve them yourself by tapping on them. Soon after you hire a new staff member, they will take over.

– You can hire more than just cashiers – we will get into this below!

– You can unlock new buildings in new areas, which will make more money!

– The game continues to progress even while you are offline!

OK, now these are the most basic things that you will need to know and keep in mind. The last one is especially good, because if you do not have a lot of time at hand, it’s still going to be a game that you can play and enjoy!

Tap the floors! Let’s flood them with customers!

Whenever you will tap on the ground floor you will notice that customers will start flocking in much, much faster! This is the best place to start in my opinion, because the more customers you get, the better it is for the business overall! Am I right?

Well, I suggest that you start with the ground floor because that is where all the customers basically start coming from. If you tap on the normal floors, you will not get more customers there, but instead you will speed up the cashier’s working speed.

Once you have unlocked several floors and you don’t really know what upgrades to make, how to make more money quickly, it’s easy – all you should do is head on to the ground floor and start tapping!

The customers will come in more and more numbers and you will be able to fill all (or at least most) of your departments and thus make more money.

Offline earnings are amazing

Now I know that it is super to play the game and all, but if you have school or work too on the side, things might get a little too much for a full fledged game which requires a lot of time dedicated to it.

Well, in this game you really don’t have to worry about that at all, since the game will give you quite amazing offline earnings. Basically if you opened a few departments and you want to make money non stop, day and night, all you have to do is keep investing them.

The stages will give you offline rewards which you can collect when you log back into the game, and if you are having a busy schedule, you can even do this once per day or twice. Just one little thing to keep in mind while doing this: try to watch an ad to double the earnings!

Every time you log back into the game after being offline for a while, you will see the amount of money you’ve made. You can click to collect it, or, if you choose to watch an ad, you can double it! I definitely suggest watching an ad to double it, as it is going to speed things up much more.

Do the in game missions!

If you thought that the game had no missions for you whatsoever, then you are most certainly wrong! There are various tasks that you can do and receive rewards for completing them, and you can see them in the bottom middle of the screen!

There you will have only one mission at start, but soon enough you will have 3 at once. By completing missions you will receive Experience Packages which you can use to hire more personnel and even various characters which help you boost your overall stats and give you speed ups!

How to hire more staff

Hiring more staff is good because it will help you speed things up and automate the cashiers. Basically this is going to be the very first personnel that you hire. Once you got this, you are good!

If you want to hire more staff, first thing you should do is make sure you completed enough in game missions (as we stated in the previous point here above) and collected 100 Experience Packages. Once you got them, we can then open the Employees button on the bottom left side of the screen (the icon which is like an ID tag) and tap on the “Recruit” button in the bottom side of the screen.

That will take you to the Boss’ Office where you can spend the 100 Experience Packages and hire someone new! The one you hire can be random, so it could be a character that you already have, a new one, or an employee which will take care of a floor by adding various benefits (such as Ronnie the clown).

I suggest that you hire as many staff members as you can and always try to complete more missions! They are your main source of recruiting new members!

Upgrade your staff

This task is pretty easy, so if you are having an easy time completing the missions and recruiting new members, you will find that upgrading them is not that difficult either! All you have to do is collect multiples of the same member, and then open the Employees tab.

There you can tap on the employee which you want to upgrade and use the Experience Packages along with the doubles of that character to upgrade it!

The upgrades give increased performance, so it’s a great thing to start working on making these upgrades too!

Make all the right upgrades

If you are still not sure which departments to make upgrades to, I will let you know – it’s not super difficult, so try to keep this in mind and use it in the future for the next Malls that you open as well!

There are two main types of floors:

– the first floor, which is the customers’ entrance floor – where you see how many are coming and joining the Mall

– the department floors, where your customers will come and spend their money giving you profit!

In my opinion, the right way to go about making these upgrades is to always prioritize the latest department floor that you unlocked. They will give you the biggest money profit per buy, so even if the upgrades cost a little bit more, you will definitely get your money’s back soon!

If you choose to upgrade the lower floors which are more affordable, they will not be such beneficial in the end game, because they will need way more upgrade levels to give you decent income. So if you think about it, the cost per upgrade and the end result do not balance out when you compare the two! It’s definitely much better to invest into the latest floors that you opened rather than in your old ones.

Now another thing that you need to remember to upgrade at all times is the bottom floor. The more upgrades you make there, the more customers will flood onto the Mall. It’s definitely a big upgrade to do, as the cost from level to level will increase drastically.

So the way to go about this is: upgrade your latest floor first, and whenever you have extra cash, spend it to upgrade the first floor (Visitors)!

Log in every day to claim free rewards!

Every single day that you simply log into the game you will be able to claim free rewards! Simply head into the top left corner of the screen and there you can tap on the “Daily Reward” menu to see them!

It’s great to simply log and claim these even if you are not playing particularly much, because you should be looking to get the 7th day rewards ASAP! The 7th day rewards is 500 Experience Packages, which means 5 summon! Day 6 rewards are also great, as it is 350 Diamonds!

So make sure you log to claim these, and while you are at it, also claim your offline rewards and double them!

Watch an ad to get free Gems / Diamonds!

If you want to claim more free Gems, all that you have to do is head on to the Store and scroll all the way up until you see a fun little animation with a girl holding a TV. Tap on that and you will start watching a short ad, which at the end will reward you with 20 Gems!

You can do this every 4 hours, so if you needed another excuse to come back into the game, here you have it!

Watch ads to stack up double income boosts!

If you want to double your income for quite some time, then this should be up there on your “to do” list. All you really have to do is once a day, tap on the “Ad Booster” icon on top of the screen (under the total amount of money you made) and there you can watch a few ads to double your income.

This will last for a few hours, so make sure you watch multiple ads to prolongue this for as long as possible! It’s a great way to make more money fast and effortlessly!

Buy new buildings!

When you have reached the maximum upgrades possible, you can tap on the map icon to head on to the world map and buy a new building! This building will start from the very beginning (so basically from scratch) but you get to keep all your old ones, which will still make money!

You can freely switch between buildings, by tapping on the “Enter” button after tapping on the building!

These would be all of our Tap Tap Plaza: Mall Tycoon tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips? Share them with us by leaving them down in the comments section below!

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