Tap Sports Football Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Tap Sports Football is all the football action you love, compressed into simple, easy to pick up package! Just one touch controls almost everything about your team – your plays, your throws, and more! We’ll help you build the ultimate team and beat the world with our Tap Sports Football cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Use outlet pass to adapt to the situation!

When you’re controlling your QB and you’re waiting for your receiver, sometimes you might want to take an alternate path. Is your receiver getting blocked by too many guys? Try outlet pass! The outlet pass button enables your QB to perform a different action depending on his stats and the current situation. Sometimes it’s better than waiting for your receiver!

2. Timing is key!

The most important thing when controlling your QB is to remember timing. Don’t wait too long to outlet pass, but don’t let the opportunity escape you either. Keep an eye on the play and act accordingly!

3. Use audibles to change up the strategy!

Audibles let you do your running plays slightly different. You have a limited amount of them but they can turn the tide of a play if used effectively. If you’re having trouble getting through the opposing team’s defenses, consider using an audible.

4. Try to always have a franchise player!

Franchise players are super duper good players with incredibly high stats. You must buy them with franchise coins, which are in turn bought with gold. Franchise players only last for a limited time and you must buy more coins to keep them longer. Needless to say it’s pretty hard to keep them around without paying real money, but as long as you complete achievements you should be earning gold. Having just one franchise player on your team can easily give your team the advantage to win.

5. Complete achievements!

Try to complete the various achievements. Completing certain ones will reward you with cash, and sometimes even gold, the premium currency of the football world! Make sure to collect your rewards once you complete an achievement; it’s not given to you automatically!

That’s all for Tap Sports Football. Have any other tips or tricks? Leave a comment below!

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Tap Sports Football Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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