The best one-touch baseball series is back with another installment! Tap Sports Baseball 2016 brings the series into the new year, complete with an up-to-date roster of famous players, new strategies, new tournaments, and more! We’ll help you become the number one team manager with our Tap Sports Baseball 2016 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Wait for a good pitch!

This is one of the first things the game teaches you, but we feel it’s worth repeating. The most important thing you can do in this game is to wait for the perfect pitch to make the perfect hit. Keep your eyes on the pitcher and watch for when he’s winding up, then get ready to strike. Don’t jump the gun though! Let him pitch and watch the ball carefully, but be prepared to act within a split second. Is the ball curved towards your batter? It might be a ball. Is it too low? Let it go! Remember that so as long as you don’t swing and the ball is thrown at an awkward enough angle, it’ll be counted against the pitcher.

2. Plan your team!

In order to build your team around your playstyle, you need to know what stats do what.

For Batters:

  • HITTING affects how accurate your batter is. This makes it easier for them to hit the ball.
  • POWER determines how far balls will go when the batter hits.
  • SPEED determines how fast he can run the bases.
  • BUNT affects the effectiveness of the batter’s bunts.

For Pitchers:

  • ARM is the pitcher’s equivalent of the batter’s power rating – it affects how hard they throw.
  • CONTROL determines accuracy when pitching.
  • STUFF is effectively how tricky the pitcher’s throws are, and how hard they are to hit.

Once you know all of these stats, you can customize your team to fit your needs!

3. Trade for some players!

Low on gold? You can earn new players another way: trading! In the trades menu, you can offer up three players in exchange for a new player. The players you can get from trades are often really good, usually around the 3+ star range. In order to make a successful trade, you must acquire the offer players first. You can tap on each one to see where you can get them. Make sure the trade is worth it, though! You won’t be getting the best players ALL the time.

4. Try some upgrades!

Is your line up lacking in a certain stat, but you don’t have any other players to fill in? Try upgrading! Upgrading permanently increases a specific stat for your entire team. You’re going to need a bit of cash to buy the upgrades, but they’re definitely worth it if you don’t plan on spending it on anything else. Each individual upgrade is small, maybe like adding 1% or so to your team’s stats, but they add up if you invest enough upgrades.

5. Change your gameplan!

Have you noticed that sometimes, when you have runners on the bases, you’ll get extra options when batting? These are advanced strategies and playing them out at the right moments can lead to victory! The opportunities you get to use these strategies depends on your players and the circumstances, but you can also add influence yourself. In your team menu, you can go to gameplay to change how frequent/infrequent these opportunities come up. Switch it up to fit your playstyle!

That’s all for Tap Sports Baseball 2016! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


  1. how do we increase success rate of the trades? requirements needed are “x time” and “5 star player” for the one im doing. do i need a 5star player inactive for it to be successful? ive done it 5x with no luck so far.


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