It is time to join the skating phenomenon! Tap Skaters is a simple one-touch skating game where you skate down perilous locales. Grab the coins, catch the robbers, avoid the obstacles and more! You need some fans too, so make sure you look good too! Our Tap Skaters cheats and tips will show you how to skate like a pro and gain lots of fans!

Tap Skaters is a simple and enjoyable game, and there is lots to do as well! Let’s get started with our Tap Skaters cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Watch the slopes to determine your direction!

It can be hard to keep up with the pace of Tap Skaters sometimes, and most of your crashes will be from not seeing an obstacle in time. In the first stage, you will notice that each slope has arrows pointing in the direction they are slanted in. In the second stage, the platforms will no longer have the arrows to make it easier.

But do not worry! You simply need to look at what direction the slope is angled in to see what direction you will start to roll in. Being able to do this on the fly to prepare for the next jump is the key to survival in Tap Skaters!

Get all the basic furnishings!

In order to make it big in the skating scene, you need to look good! The furnishings you can decorate your apartment with will generate fans over time, and the more you have the more fans you will collect. A certain amount of fans are required if you want to unlock the later stages, so start looking fresh!

Save up your coins when you first start out so that you can buy all of the 1-star level furnishings. Once you buy all of them, you should be generating around seven fans a minute, which is a good starting point.

It is also important to note that your fans will also kindly donate coins to your cause when you are away from the game. Just like the fan generation, the more fans you have the more coins you will earn!

Save up for new skaters!

You can purchase new skaters from the shop to play as, each with their own distinct look. They offer no game play change – they just look cool! However, it is important to note that upon purchasing a new skater, you will immediately gain a bunch of new fans.

The more expensive the skater is, the more fans you can bring in. With that said, it is not bad idea to save up a bunch of coins to buy one of the later fans for a big boost.

Try Versus and Endless for coins!

Need a quick buck? Try out the side modes Endless and Versus. Endless mode sets you down a path to see how far you can get, and the further you get the more coins you earn. Versus mode has you going up against another player’s best record, and you have to try to beat it. They are both great ways to earn some more coins if you are broke.

That’s all for Tap Skaters! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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