It’s the quest that keeps on tapping! Tap Quest: Gate Keeper is a one-touch game that has you hacking and slashing your way through hordes of monsters. The monsters are trying to take over your tower to resurrect the dragon; don’t let that happen! We’ll help you put an end to the forces of evil with our Tap Quest: Gate Keeper cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t stop tapping!

You should always be moving in this game. Just a second of idle time can cost you everything, so keep moving! You need to be on top of the enemies right when they spawn and you also need to scoop up the coins as they drop, because they don’t stay around for long!

2. Upgrade your hero first!

When you first start out, you’re going to get overwhelmed often. There will just be too many enemies for you to deal with, and they will mob the tower. In order to dish out more damage, you need to upgrade your hero first. Every level up gives your hero one more point of damage which sounds like little but makes a huge difference.

3. Buy equipment!

After you unlock the option to do so, be sure to buy equipment chests. You have three slots: weapon, head, and chest. These further increase the power of your hero who is your main source of damage. Equipment should be your second priority.

4. Upgrade the auxiliary options!

After that, what you upgrade next is up to you. You can upgrade your skills to make them more powerful and last longer, or you can buy an auto defense for your tower and a fairy to help you do damage.

5. Grab those chests!

Chests will periodically spawn around the map. Be sure to grab them, as they will contain skills or coins. Just be careful not to let any stray enemies near the tower if the chest happens to be far out. Remember, it takes only a second or two for enemies to capture the tower and release the dragon!

6. Use your skills often!

You can carry up to four skills with you at all times, but you should never hit that limit. Don’t be afraid to use your skills, and try to be liberal with them. They drop fairly often from monsters, and they can really help you clear out a full wave of monsters.

Good luck and may you never stop tapping! If you have any tricks or tips to share with us, leave a comment below!


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