Bandai Namco have launched Tap My Katamari on iPhone and Android-powered devices, bringing their popular franchise to mobiles and challenging us with an endless tapping game to get that biggest katamri ever. Things seem simple enough at first, but progress is pretty slow in the game, so I am here to try and help you get more out of the game by sharing some Tap My Katamari cheats and tips that will hopefully give you the upper hand in the game and help you progress faster and faster each time you play.

So if you want to learn everything about the game, read on for some useful Tap My Katamari tips and tricks!


1. Focus on the Prince
Especially early on or after a reset, the most important thing to upgrade is the Prince – the character that pushes the Katamari. This increases the amount of distance you cover per each tap and it’s extremely important early on because your main means of progress will be tapping. So don’t focus on the Cousins at first, build up your tapping power instead to progress faster.

The prince is extremely important in the long run too: even though the Cousins will become extremely valuable and will deal a lot of damage / cover a big distance, it will be the Prince that will matter the most when completing the Timed Attack Challenges and it’s very likely that the Cousins alone will not be able to beat those challenges. So keep upgrading the Prince all the time and keep leveling him up, because otherwise you won’t be able to progress through the game and you’ll get stuck at the Timed Challenges.

2. Upgrade the Cousins, too
Even though early on and for Timed Challenges the Prince is the most important, Cousins are really important too. Not only that the higher their total level, the more money they will collect for you while you’re not playing, but they also get special abilities every 10, 50, 100, 200 and so on levels. These special abilities are randomized for each game (and after each reset), but they will help tremendously nevertheless. Find the perfect balance when it comes to unlocking new Cousins and leveling up the ones that you already have: unlocking all of them, but keeping them at level 1 is just as bad as unlocking just one and trying to max it out completely before moving on. Finding the balance between upgrades and unlocks is the key.

Also, don’t use candy to change the special abilities of your Cousin, it’s not worth it because you will lose those special abilities when you restart (and you WILL restart numerous times). Instead spend them on the Special Cousins – they cost Candy to Unlock, but both them and their skills remain after resetting/restarting from scratch. This is the best use for the candies!

3. Watch the ads
You can watch ads to get 10 Free Candies from the King or watch an ad to double the money your Cousins have collected while you were away from the game. Make sure you do so in both situations in order to speed up your progress through the game!

4. Complete the Goals
As soon as you reach a certain stage (can’t remember which one exactly), you will unlock the goals or Fan Requests. Make sure you work on completing them as soon as possible as the rewards are great in terms of free Candy and you also get another 8 hours after completing one. No matter how difficult they seem to be, don’t use candy to get a new one: you should only use Candy for unlocking Special Cousins and leveling them up!

5. Use your Special Skills
The only moments when you should use your Prince’s special skills is when you’re faced with a Time Attack stage. This goes for the first two skills, Charge ‘n’ Roll and Magnetic Heart – the other should be used whenever you have the chance. The first skill you unlock is very powerful, actually, and it is it that will win you most of the Time Attack Stages – so make sure you only use it when needed. To make sure that you don’t waste your skill and trigger the waiting time, wait to see if you can beat the Time Attack Stage without using it: if you can’t, simply quit the stage and restart it, but activate the skill ASAP. Most likely, you will beat that stage without a problem, especially if you do some mad clicking in the meantime as well!

6. Reset often
When your Prince reaches level 600, you can reset your progress and exchange it for a bunch of stars. Stars are used to buy Special skills and upgrade the ones you already have, but don’t offer bonuses if left unspent. So make sure you reset as soon as you get a fair number of stars for doing so (the first time you should reset as soon as you hit level 600), then spend them all on getting new Presents. If you unlock any that are extremely good, level them up as the first level-up is cheaper than getting a random present – and at least you know you’re investing in a great bonus.

Each time you restart, you will keep your current presents, as well as the Special Cousins you have purchased with Candy. Everything else is reset and you start from scratch, but progress will be a lot faster and you will see that you will cruise through the levels. So reset often to make your Katamari better.

These would be, for now, our Tap My Katamari tips and tricks. If you have anything else to add, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.



  1. If anyone stumbles upon this comment, I found a money glitch that can easily be performed. For this to work you need to play online to access video ads.

    When you start the game up after being offline a while, we know we can click the coin icon in the upper left corner of the screen to recieve the cousin’s offline stash. When clicked to collect we’re asked if we’d like to watch an ad to double the payout. Accept the video and let it start playing. Let the video play for a couple seconds then immediately close out the app. Reopen and repeat the steps above. Your amount will keep doubling. I don’t know how many times you can repeat this. I successfully did it 12 times in a row and collected the money.


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