Wonders from the prehistoric era lie hidden beneath the sands, and now it is up to you and team of paleontologists to recover lost history! Tap! Dig! My Museum! is a museum simulation/puzzle game where you dig up hexagonal dirt patches to uncover hidden fossils.

Put together fossils to form famous dinosaurs, attract visitors to your museum, and earn lots of coins! Our Tap! Dig! My Museum! cheats and tips will show you how to find all the fossils!

You will need patience a little bit of luck if you want to find all of the fossils, so read on to find out in our Tap! Dig! My Museum! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to complete all exhibits!

Upgrade your museum tools!

By tapping on the museum button at the bottom of the screen, you will bring up the upgrades menu. There are three different upgrades, and it might not be clear what they do based on the little icons alone.

The first upgrade is the museum visitor upgrade. Upgrading this will increase the amount of foot traffic that goes through your museum. The more you upgrade this, the faster you will earn coins from lots of visitors enjoying the exhibits.

The second upgrade is the workers upgrade. Upgrading this will increase the amount of moves you get during an excavation, and you all know how helpful that is!

The final upgrade is the area effect upgrade. Upgrading this will make every pickaxe swing slightly damage adjacent tiles, making it easier to cover more ground.

Leave the game running!

Tap! Dig! My Museum! unfortunately does not really consider itself an idle game, because if you close the game you will have no visitors come to your museum. This means that you will not have any coins to come back to, so we highly recommend just leaving the game open while you do something else to collect coins over time!

You are going to need a lot of coins in the long run, so you should do this as much as you can!

Spread your digging out!

Try to upgrade the area effect upgrade to at least level 2 as soon as you can. This makes it so that you can spread your digging around, covering much more ground than usual. At level 3, your pickaxe swings will hit four other spots adjacent to your targeted spot, and with efficient swings from there on out, you can make it so that you are not trying to uncover each tile one by one.

The area effect upgrade is really important because it lets you spread your digging out like this. Considering how small some of the pieces are, you are going to need all the help you can get with finding them!

You can further improve older exhibits!

You will notice that upon raising an exhibit to 100%, there is a + number next to it. You can replay that exhibit’s dig site, and any further fossils you find will increase the + number. This will slightly increase the exhibit’s value, so if you ever find yourself short on coins you can play the cheaper, earlier dig sites to still get a lot of coins while making them worth more.

Keep an eye out for obscured pieces!

Once you have upgraded your area effect a couple of times, you will start digging through the entire board, leaving cracked tiles here and there. Be careful not to rush yourself and take your time – if you comb over your broken tiles, you may notice a fossil hiding beneath the debris!

That’s all for Tap! Dig! My Museum! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. Hello. I’ve finished all the game. I need teo more fossils but there is a warning saying “wait for more upgrate”… so… what?
    I also found a misterious fossil but I don’t knwhere it’s gone!! Suddenly deseappears from the screen! Thank for your answer.

    • I also dinished the game. I’m waiting for updates. That mystery fossil that you’re talking about is another fossil that you can find. You can only find the mystery pieces on the Pterosauria dig site. Once you complete that mystery piece, a new dig site will appear to finish the entire fossil.

  2. I have 2 rooms full and can not level up anything anymore. Also if I put a dinosaur away to dig up another one it tells me to wait for the update. So I’m not sure what to do next. Do I just keep collecting money or store dinosaurs.


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