Another entry into popular multiplayer .io series is here! puts you in the seat of a circular tank, ready to take on enemy tanks! Destroys tanks and debris to earn experience, which you can use to upgrade your tank and even evolve it into more powerful forms. Like all of the other .io games, it’s a hectic multiplayer experience, so we’re here with our cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to help you get started.

1. Hide when you first start out!

Much like any of the other .io games, there will already be extremely strong players lurking around your world. When you first begin the game, it’s a good idea to try to stay away from the hot zones. The second you see bullets flying around, move in the opposite direction. It’s better to destroy the little shapes floating around to power up before you trying to take some one down.

2. Improve your stats!

With each level up, you gain a stat point you can put into one of four categoires.

  • The purple heart is your health. This increases your maximum health.
  • The red fist is your power. This increases how much damage your bullets deal.
  • The green arrows represent your fire rate. Upgrading this will make you shoot more bullets faster.
  • The blue shoe is your movement speed. Improving this will make your tank move around faster.

We recommend investing a couple points into power before you upgrade other things. This is so that you can take out the experience shapes at the start to get yourself a lot of experience fast. Though as always, you can upgrade according to what you need at the moment.

3. Pick your evolution!

Once your tank reaches level 10, you’re able to evolve your tank!

  • The Improved Cannon is the one that looks like your regular ol’ tank, but with a “cone” shaped cannon. This evolution drastically speeds up your bullets and rate of fire, and makes them a tiny bit stronger too.
  • The Double Cannon evolution basically puts two cannons on the front of your tank. Bullet speed and power remain the same, but now you’re firing two shots at the same time!
  • The Back Cannon evolution puts a second cannon on your back. Like the double cannon, bullet properties are unaffected but now you can fire back at people on your tail.

All of these upgrade options are fine choices, but remember that you only get to pick one. Our personal favorite is the improved cannon, but ultimately it’s up to you and what you prefer. Don’t be afraid to experiment – try them all! At level 25, you’re able to further specialize your evolution.

4. Watch out for the bots!

In this game, if there aren’t any players around for you to interact with, the game will automatically fill up slots with computer-controlled players. You can tell by looking at their names. If you’re familiar at all with the popular PC game “League of Legends,” you’ll recognize names from that game. If they’re also named after a country, they are a bot as well. The reason we point this out is because bots are a bit dangerous! If you get near one, they will lock onto you and pursuit your relentlessly trying to kill you. While a low level one getting aggressive with you is manageable, sometimes bots will happen to be the highest level player on the current server. If one of these high level bots catches you in their sights, you better run as fast as you can, as they’re usually decked out in their final evolution with maxed out stats. If you manage to take them down though, they’re worth a lot of experience.

5. Stay mobile!

When you finally do engage with another tank, be in a player or bot, you always want to stay mobile. Moving around constantly makes you a harder target to hit. Be unpredictable! Don’t strafe in one direction – your opponent will catch on eventually and try to fire ahead of you. Switch directions every now and then to mix it up and hopefully throw off your opponent.

6. Take cover and heal!

If you’ve taken too much damage, try to pull away from the battle if you can. Your tank will regenerate lost health slowly if you stay away from combat for a couple of seconds. Be careful however as the regeneration is very slow, so you’re going to have to hide for a while if you want to survive.

That’s all tank-busting tips we have for If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


    • Dude, they are pretty easy to understand, the yellow shield is bullet penetration (number of layers it can pierce through) the orange goat head is the body damage (how much damage you do on contact to things) the rest were already explined, also the best tank is the last evolution of sniper, it has tree sniper canons and a lot of view, max it out and you can beat mi record of 4.5 million points

  1. MiniGuide:

    In any game involving warefare you need a few things for victory.

    1: Equal or better health (Depending on damage and dodge rate)

    In gaming there are different classes. They are fairly simple:

    Dps = mid/low damage often teaming, but in some games they solo. Good at concentrated damage.
    Tank: High health, team player.
    Healer: low/mid health, heal teammates. (Doesn’t do much damage themself.

    2. Damage and accuracy. (The faster you kill the less they shoot back)

    3. Dodging. The suckier their accuracy is, the less damage they deal. PERIOD.

    4. Scenario.

    If it’s 9 vs 1


    There are certain statistics and probabilities in life, gaming, and working. We know these statistics based on what has happened in our history.

    For instance, a record of a war somewhere,
    had recorded the number of people sent, and number of people returned, thus telling us how many died.

    I have made it to the top of this game using these simple thought types. I used a special type of movement strategy, and won utterly my very first time playing by luck.


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