Everyone’s favorite talking cat is back, and this time things are getting wet and wild! Talking Tom Pool is a simple and fun to play puzzle game where you fling matching colored floaties! Pass the levels to earn keys that let you help Talking Tom build the ultimate water park! Choose your attractions, customize the looks, and of course pick your favorite characters to help you! Our Talking Tom Pool cheats and tips will help you master this watery puzzle game!

Talking Tom needs your help to build the water park, so let’s get started with our Talking Tom Pool cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Utilize Bank Shots!

Talking Tom Pool is all about mastering the bank shots. Flinging a floaty at an angled wall will make them bank off, just like in actual pool! You can utilize this to save your moves and be efficient, as you’ll be able to match multiple floaties with one pull.

Remember to adjust the power as needed – you don’t want to overshoot your carefully calculated angled shot, as it might make your floaty end up right back where it started!

Restore the pool in any order you like!

Every time you earn enough keys to restore a part of the water park, don’t give it too much thought. Every single aspect here is completely cosmetic, so you get to customize the water park to your liking! Don’t worry about multiple choices, as you’ll be able to restore every part of the water park eventually. You can do it in any order you like.

Catch floaties to save the shot!

At some point you’ll launch a floaty accidentally or incorrectly. Whether you use too much or too little power or if you didn’t angle the shot correctly, the floaty will launch out of control.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that you can relaunch floaties at any time; you don’t need to wait for them to come to a complete halt to issue another shot.

Of course, this becomes a little tricky if you fling them with too much power as they’ll be moving way too fast to catch, so again – be mindful of how much power you use! If you’re quick enough, you might just be able to save the shot!

Focus on getting rid of floaties!

Before you make any moves when you start a new level, try to pick out the floaty color that has the least amount of floaties in the pool. To make things much easier for yourself, you want to try to get rid of smaller floaties as soon as possible.

Say, for example, there are five blue floaties and three pink floaties in the pool. It’d be a lot easier to match the blue floaties if you get rid of all the pink floaties first, right? Even if you have an open shot to match different colored floaties, it still might be easier to stick to your current color. If you try to match a different color, those floaties might bump other floaties around and you’ll get all scattered.

Level gimmicks can help!

Certain levels will have gimmicks floating around in the pool.

  • Sometimes you’ll come across ice cubes. They’re just regular obstacles, but sometimes they can be housing a floaty. You’ll need to smack it with other floaties twice before it breaks.
  • You’ll occasionally see a chili pepper floating in the pool. How’d that get in there? If a floaty touches it, they’ll start breathing flames and they’ll fly around the pool at lightning speeds!
  • Spinning gizmos are present in the later levels. If a floaty touches one, they’ll flip over and multiply! Be careful not to let too many floaties touch one of these things, as you’ll end up with double the amount of floaties you’ll need to take care of.

That’s all for Talking Tom Pool! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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