The talkative cat you all know and love is back for another run! Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless runner where you help either Talking Tom or Talking Angel get their gold back! They have been recently hit by a robber, but he is still on the loose! Chase after him in this frantic runner where you will need to jump, dodge, slide your way to your gold. We are here with a guide to help you get your gold back, so let’s get started with our Talking Tom Gold Run cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Buy the house upgrades!

If you want to set a new high score, be sure to buy new upgrades for Tom’s house. Each new upgrade will make Tom’s house a bit more spiffy, but the most important thing is that each upgrade increases your score multiplier by x1, which is always active. Needless to say, this makes all the difference when going for points. Just buying four upgrades which is probably around 500 gold bars will put you at a x4 multiplier, quadrupling all points you earn during your run.

2. Find the vaults!

Sometimes, during the mid level checkpoints, instead of a bunch of gold bars you will find that the robber dropped a whole vault for you to collect! These vaults can be opened once you return to the main menu, but you need to wait a couple of hours before you can collect the goodies inside. The vaults contain awesome stuff, like loads of gold bars, gems, and upgrade tokens. In order to upgrade the power ups in this game, you will need the appropriate tokens from the vaults.

3. Collect your free vault!

In addition to the regular vaults you can find during your runs, you can also collect a free vault every couple of hours. These vaults contain slightly less rewards, but they are still pretty good! Be sure to enable notifications for the game so you know when your next free vault is ready to collect. Besides, you get 200 gold bars as a bonus for enabling notifications, so why not?

4. Grab the plane power up!

Sometimes, if you are lucky, a plane power up will spawn on the road for you. This power up sends Tom into the sky and you are free to collect lots of gold bars without any kind of obstacle to avoid. This is one of the best power ups to get, so if you need, try your best to reach it!

5. Be careful about bumping into things!

If you dodge just a tiny bit late or swipe into the side of a truck or wall, Tom will be dizzy from the impact, but it will not end your run. However, if you barely scrape another obstacle while Tom is still recovering, that will do you in and your run will be over! Be careful about the obstacles and make sure you are ready to dodge anything!

That’s all for Talking Tom Gold Run. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


  1. But how do you upgrade things like the aeroplane ✈️ and magnet because it says that there is an upgrade available whenever I open a free vault!

    • Click on the actual character right before u hit go it will take u to their list of abilities. You will see an option to click on the items.. The magnet the airplane etc

  2. You click on your charater.. Sometimes when there are enough of an item to upgrade plane duration, magnet, x2 and x2 gold a red little “!” will appear on the left ear of the charater.. Click your character and upgrade if possible.. You can obtain upgrade items in vaults and also the box on the sidewalk.. If you watch the videos over and over you can obtain gold, dynimate, upgrade items and diamonds.. Good luck

  3. I’m on day 11 of daily mission and it says don’t bump into obstacle for 60secs, plz how is dat possible? coz I’ve tried everything I can but no hope.

  4. I had to install this on a new phone in the last couple of days, and can’t find the daily mission now. Anyone install this recently or update and have this happen?


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