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Takeshi and Hiroshi Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Beating All Chapters

Takeshi and Hiroshi Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Beating All Chapters

Takeshi and Hiroshi is a heartwarming and charming little game about two young brothers and their love for video games. Takeshi, the older brother, is determined to make his younger brother Hiroshi happy through his own personally designed games, and it is up to you to help him!

In our Takeshi and Hiroshi tips and tricks guide, we will cover the basics of the battle system and how to manage the hero’s stats so that he survives each encounter. Let’s get started with our Takeshi and Hiroshi cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to beating all chapters!

Not too hard, not too easy – just right

Since Mighty Warrior is not actually finished, Takeshi must control the game in real-time to simulate it being a completed game. In order to lift Hiroshi’s spirits up, you must provide him with a challenge while also not completely overwhelming him.

In order words, you must make the battles just right! In each chapter, you have five rounds to raise Hiroshi’s joy level up to the required amount to pass the level. The more challenging a fight is, the more joy he will receive. If a fight is too easy, he will lose joy, so watch out.

Send in the monsters in tune with the hero!

The key to a successful battle is to send monsters according to the hero’s level. The hero starts out at level 1, so his HP and attack power are relatively low, so start out with small monsters and work your way up as the hero gains levels.

At the start of each round, the game will randomly select nine monsters for you to choose from. The order in which you tap on the monsters is the order the hero will tackle them in, so choose wisely.

For example, if you want a monster with high attack but low HP to pelt the hero, have a bunch of weak monsters go first then have the monster go last so that they can get off a few attacks before they are taken out.

The more challenging the fight, the more joy!

To be more specific, the less HP the hero finishes the fight with, the more joy he will receive. This bears repeating that balance is the key to this game – you want to rough up the hero a bunch but you do not want to finish him off, and you have to be very careful.

Hiroshi will start each battle with -30% stress – if he ends a battle with negative stress, he will lose joy at the end. So, you need to make things exciting! The amount of joy you get is equal to the hero’s stress levels, which is directly equal to how much HP the hero is missing.

If you are below 20% or so health, the hero’s HP bar will turn orange. Finishing the fight in this state will provide a joy bonus due to a miraculous victory. These are hard to get because of how risky they are, but you get a ton of joy for your troubles!

Magic Balm management is important

If the hero finishes a fight with 50% or less HP remaining (the bar will be yellow), Hiroshi will opt to use a Magic Balm. This will completely recover the hero’s HP for the next fight, but also set his stress levels to -30%.

This is important because you need to be mindful of when you trigger this. For example, you do not want to go into a hard fight with a little bit of HP missing, as it can make all the difference.

Skills and the wizard’s abilities are important

Over the course of a few chapters, the hero will gain the ability to dodge a single attack and critically hit an enemy. These skills can only be used once a round, so make sure they count. Careful timing with these skills can save the hero from an untimely demise!

After chapter 5, Yosuke will program the wizard ally into the game. During the monster roulette at the beginning of a round, there is a chance you may see the wizard with another icon next him in one of the slots.

The wizard has three skills:

  • The healing potion will restore a small amount of HP to the hero.
  • The lightning sword will enchant the hero’s blade for a single turn, letting him hit all monsters on the field.
  • The fireball lets the wizard deal big damage to a single monster.

These skills are very powerful, so use them if you are in a bind! But remember, they work just like summoning monsters, so you have to use them at the right time. These skills will become a lot more important later on – more on that below.

Complete monster guide

With each chapter, you will unlock new monsters. Knowing the strengths and weakness of each monster is important to making sure you build a challenging but fair fight.

Red Slime: The starting monster and the bane of all RPG heroes. These guys do not hold a lot of HP nor do they deal much damage, but they can be dangerous in large groups.

Naga: Nagas have a shield equipped, so no matter how much damage you dish out, you will always need to hit them at least twice to take them out. Nagas deal pitiful damage but can take a beating, so they are useful for stalling time for other monsters.

Orcs: Deadly if used properly! Orcs require two turns to charge up. On the third turn, they will unleash an extremely powerful attack that deals massive damage. They do not have that much HP, so protect them until they can attack!

Skeletons: Skeleton archers will pelt the hero with arrows. These arrows do around 10-15 damage, so be careful when you are placing multiples. They are brittle so they have low HP.

Erikagoyle: Erika in monster form! Erikagoyle deals decent damage and has good amount of HP, but Erika’s signature move is to shriek, causing the hero to be stunned for the turn.

This move can completely shut down the hero if the Erikagoyle decides to use it multiple times in a row (there are no diminishing returns on it!), so be VERY careful when pairing Erikagoyle with other monsters, as she can easily turn a seemingly easy fight into a nightmare!

Green Slime: Deals a little more damage than its red counterpart, but it has the same amount of HP. The reason being is that it explodes upon death, damaging EVERYTHING on the field, including other monsters! We did not really use these guys because of this trait as we saw it more of a hindrance than a boon, but you might find a use for them.

Knight: These big behemoths have no special traits of abilities – they just hit very hard and they hold a lot of HP. If you want the hero to challenge one of these guys, make sure that they are alone or with one other monster max!

The final challenge: defeat the dragon!

The final chapter has the hero fight through a gauntlet of enemies as usual, but upon reaching the end with maximum joy, he will be confronted by the big bad dragon.

The dragon has a lot of HP, so you will need to whittle him down with a lot of attacks. Between each turn, you will have the option of using one of the wizard’s skills. If you have a good amount of HP, go ahead and fireball the dragon. Just make sure to keep yourself topped off with the healing skill.

When the dragon start to summon Skeletons into the fight, you will need to use the lightning sword skill to strike all of the enemies, taking the Skeletons out. If you do not take out the Skeletons, the dragon will continue to summon more and it will become an uncontrollable situation!

Keep healing yourself and lightning swording the Skeletons, and you will eventually win the fight! Congratulations, you have finished Takeshi and Hiroshi!

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