We think Pukk is one of the most original and enjoyable casual games to have come out in years. And we’re not alone.

Since it arrived a couple of months ago it’s been featured by Apple countless times, as well as earning incredibly high user ratings of 4.4 on the App Store and 4.7 on Google Play.

If you haven’t got in on the action yet, now is the perfect time. Developer Itatake has introduced a whole new gameplay dimension by adding several new bosses, plus a few other treats as well.

The core gameplay involves collecting coins in short auto-runner stages. If that sounds familiar, the next bit definitely won’t.

You progress through these stages by ricocheting off the sides of an icy channel. Tapping speeds you up and narrows the angle at which you collide with the sides, letting you make minor adjustments to your trajectory so that you can steer yourself towards crates and ice blocks containing coins.

Meanwhile a polar bear is chasing you, and if you get caught on an ice block or a crate it catches up with you and gives you a hug. This ends your go, and presumably your life–though if decapitation didn’t kill you it’s difficult to see what will.

In between stages you spend the coins you’ve picked up to use styling items – which then open loot boxes that hold a range of goodies.

Now, thanks to this massive new update, you’ll also have to contend with bosses, including a robot, a wolf, a dragon, a skeleton, and, er, a mouse.

On top of that, Itatake has introduced a new booster called The Rocket, and inserted a few more in-game items like ghosts, golden chests, and TNT.

All in all there are 80 levels to overcome, along with nine bosses, which means you’ll be playing Pukk for some time to come. Download it now on Google Play or the App Store.


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