Tacticool Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Rule the Battlefield

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Get your guns ready Operator – it is time to head out into the battlefield! Tacticool is an intense 5-on-5 third-person shooter featuring awesome firefights, hectic carchases, destructible environments, and of course plenty of guns to try out. Our Tacticool cheats and tips will show you how to get the jump on your enemy, be efficient in combat, and become the ultimate operator!

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Tacticool is all about knowing your guns, knowing everything about your enemy, and using everything you have got to your advantage. We will go over all of that in our Tacticool cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Always keep your gun loaded!

You never know when a firefight is going to break out, so it is best to keep your gun loaded at all times. You can see how many rounds are left in the chamber by the gun gauge at the bottom of the screen – a white gun means its full, and red means empty.

You can manually reload whenever you want, so be sure to do so after you have taken down an enemy to get ready for the next.

Of course, in an ideal world you would always have the time to reload after every fight, but that is probably not gonna happen on the battlefield.

Remember that you can switch to your secondary sidearm whenever you want, so if you are caught out with an empty primary, quickly switch to your secondary and fight for your life!

Complete the Money Missions!

A good way to earn more money to upgrade your guns is to do the money missions. You can see which one you are on at the bottom right corner of the main menu. Some of these are not retroactive, so make sure that you are doing them in order.

Know your movement options!

Below your movement joystick is the crouch button. When you are crouched, your soldier moves much more slowly, but you make less noise and are not as obvious to notice. You can use this to your advantage by sneaking around bushes and other random debris.

But the most noticeable effect of crouching is your accuracy becomes much tighter! When crouched, your auto-aim will lock onto enemies faster, and this is a crucial technique to use when you are using a sniper rifle. If you are trying to pick off enemies at long range or you get the jump on them, try crouching!

However, if you are looking for something a little more zippy, try the dodge roll button that rests on your fire button. Tapping this button will make your soldier immediately dive headfirst. This is useful for getting behind cover quickly or evading explosives, so do not forget about it!

Try the vehicles for an oppressive force!

On every map, there is usually a truck or two that has a mounted gun on the back. You can ride in these with your team! You can have a driver, a person on the gun, and a person riding shotgun.

If the enemy team is sticking too close together or they are holding down a point, try using a car to break through their defenses!

Stay with your team!

This might be obvious but it always bears repeating in these kinds of games – always stick with your team! This is especially important if you have money bags on you, as you will generate points over time as long as you stay safe. When a team sticks together, you will be able to cover each other’s flanks.

Your special weapon can be used in all sorts of ways!

Your starting special weapon is the Impact Grenade, which functions as you imagine it would. Its cooldown is only 20 seconds, so do not be afraid to use it liberally – you can cause mayhem with teams that like to stick together too close.

The other unlockable special weapons, like the Mines and C4 can be used in creative ways, so if you are looking to be a little more tricky on the battlefield considering going after the special weapons first!

Pick another operator!

As soon as you get enough pieces to unlock a new operator, immediately switch! The starting Rookie has no special passive bonuses, so literally any other operator is a better choice.

Each operator has their own amount of health and special passives, but they can be upgraded to improve their stats, provided you find enough pieces.

That’s all for Tacticool! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Tacticool Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Rule the Battlefield

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