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Symphogear XD Unlimited Guide: Tips & Tricks To Battling and Enhancing Your Wielders

Symphogear XD Unlimited Guide: Tips & Tricks To Battling and Enhancing Your Wielders

The power of music fuels your attacks in Symphogear XD Unlimited, a new turn-based Japanese RPG based on the hit anime of the same name. After an attack by a mysterious alien force called the Noise, a group of young powerful girls don magical armor known as the Symphogear to repel them back!

Symphogear XD Unlimited follows the same story line as the anime does, so it is like you are playing the anime! Follow along and witness the tale of the Smyphogear girls with the aid of our Symphogear XD Unlimited tips and tricks guide. In it, we will talk about how to battle effectively and how to train your girls up to become powerful warriors, so here is our Symphogear XD Unlimited tips and tricks strategy guide to battling and enhancing your wielders!

Battle Basics and Using Skills Effectively

The Symphogear girls will attack automatically through a turn order that is decided by speed. The character on the field with the most speed will act first, then the game will go down the turn order in descending speed. The slowest character will act last.

Each girl has access to two different special skills that allow them to inflict large amounts of damage upon the enemy Noise. Skills can inflict big damage upon a single target or multiple targets, buff their users and the group, debuff and weaken the enemies, and more!

Special skills usually have long cooldowns around 30 seconds or more, but when spread out across six different skills, you can usually use them back to back. You can tap on up to three special skills to queue them up, and when that girl’s turn comes up, she will automatically use the skill. When a skill is used, a global cooldown will start, meaning that you cannot use skills back-to-back.

Using skills is pretty straight forward, and to use them effectively you just need to see what works with each other. For example, say you have a girl that has a special skill that does extreme damage to a single target. Try buffing that girl with another girl’s special skill that increases the team’s attack power for even more damage!

Changing Tracks and Amplifying Damage

You can tap on a character’s icon during battle to switch the battle music to their own music, and doing so will temporarily raise the attack power of the character in question. Use this boost in conjunction with other buffs and stat boosts to really lay on the pain!

The track change buff lasts for five turns, so make sure you only switch tracks when you are ready to unleash your big special skills. You cannot switch tracks at the beginning of battle, as there is a charging period you must wait for. When you switch tracks, this same long cooldown starts, so make it count!

The Affinity System

At the top left corner of a Wielder card, you will see a letter; this letter presents the character’s type.

  • Power
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Body
  • Heart
  • Technique
  • Regular

Types are super effective against other types. Power beats Dexterity, Dexterity beats Heart, Heart beats Technique, Technique beats Body, Body beats Intelligence, and Intelligence beats Power. The Regular type is not super effective against any type, but that also means it has no weaknesses.

If a character strikes with the type advantage, they will do increased damage. If they have the disadvantage, they will deal significantly reduced damage. To help you plan your team out, you can see what types of enemies you will be going up against in the quest preview, so adjust accordingly.

Enhancing Your Wielders

Your Wielders can be enhanced using special card materials. Wielders do not gain experience naturally through combat, so in order to improve them you must take the time to enhance them.

As you clear levels and complete challenges, you will earn special material cards called enhancers. They look like music sheets and there is one for each type of Wielder. You can use these to level up your Wielders, and if you use matching type enhancers, the Wielder will gain bonus experience. You can also substitute in actual unwanted Wielders as well.

As a Wielder levels up, their base stats will increase, making them much stronger. In addition to this, you can also “awaken” Wielders. Awakening requires special materials called shards, and there are six types of shards to match the types. A Power Wielder requires Power Shards in order to awaken, for example.

When a Wielder undergoes awakening, a specific stat of theirs grows, and their passive skill becomes stronger. It is a costly process, but the stat boosts help a lot later on.

Finally, you can then Limit Break. Once a Wielder reaches maximum level, they are eligible for Limit Breaking. To Limit Break, you must have a duplicate of the Wielder you are trying to Limit Break, and they must be at maximum level.

Upon Limit Breaking, a Wielder’s HP, attack, and defense will increase a little bit, and their special and leader skills will increase as well. For this reason we recommend not throwing away any duplicates you get, as you need them in to Limit Break.

The ultimate form of enhancing is the Limit Unlock. If you have Limit Broken a Wielder the maximum amount of times and capped their level, they can undergo Limit Unlock using raid materials. Limit Unlocking a Wielder will drastically boost their stats and special skill power, and it also increases the rarity by one star.

Farming more Enhancement Materials

You will accumulate enhancement materials naturally as you play through the main story, but eventually you will need to farm for them manually. To do this, you must go into the SP Quests. These quests are designed to drop specific enhancement materials for you.

For example, the Power Enhancement Dojo contains nothing but Power type enemies, and you will earn Power enhancers and shards. You can head into these quests with auto-play on for easy farming.

You should know that the SP Quests cycle out every day, so if you do not see the quest you need for your characters, simply revisit tomorrow to see what the dungeons are.

To get the materials you need for Limit Unlocking, you must head into the raid battles. You will challenge mighty foes that require multiple players to defeat during a raid, but it is worth it, as raids are the only way to get the materials required for Limit Unlocking. Raids are unlocked once you perform a Limit Break for the first time.

Utilize Leader Skills

To further strengthen your team and ensure their odds of victory, make sure that your team takes advantage of leader skills. Certain Wielders have leader skills that only activate when they are the first selected character on the team.

The most common leader skills you will see are the ones that boost certain types of Wielders, which encourages you to use a full team of the same type of Wielder. For example, Maria Cadenzavna Eve’s leader skill increases Power types’ defense by 10%. With a full team of Power types, you will be unstoppable.

Complete Daily Challenge Missions

Now that you know how to build your team and enhance them, you pretty much have the battle system of Symphogear XD Unlimited down, and you just need to keep going. To help you along the journey, there are missions for you to complete.

Free missions are milestone challenges and they have no expiration date. These will reward you with energy restoring items, enhancers, and more. Special missions are limited time missions that reward you with special, unique rewards. Daily and Weekly missions cycle out every day and week respectively and these are probably the most important because they reward you with enhancement materials, gold ingots, and more.

By the way, gold ingots are cards that you will be rewarded from time to time, but you can sell them right away. They sell for a high gold value and there is nothing else you can do with them, so get rid of them!

And that is all for our guide on Symphogear XD Unlimited. It is a fairly straightforward Japanese gatcha RPG, so it does not require too much strategy. You just need to keep farming and pushing forward. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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