Swords and Sandals 2 Redux is here! Are you ready sandal gladiator? Swords and Sandals 2 Redux is a tactical turn based RPG. Gear your sandal-clad gladiator with spears, swords, axes, shields and more then fight to survive in the ruthless arena! Earn gold and experience to level up and customize your gladiator even further. Will you learn fierce warrior attacks to bash your opponent’s skull in? Or will you learn from the schools of magic and pelt your foe with fireballs? We’ll help you decide with our Swords and Sandals 2 Redux cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Let them come to you!

Don’t be the first to approach your opponent. If you walk right next to them, you’ll set yourself up for a free hit from the enemy. When it’s your turn and moving forward or leaping will put you right in front of the enemy, you should try to stall instead. Use a taunt or rest to recover some health and essence. Let them approach you first so that you can get the first strike! Just be aware of enemies that have long reach weapons like magic, spears and bows. They’ll be able to strike you from afar!

2. Build your character properly!

Every time your gladiator levels up, you’ll earn two vital stat points to put into any of the eight categories you saw at the beginning of the game. You’ll also earn a single skill point to learn a new skill or improve existing ones. Try to plan out your character before you commit to your stat points. We’re not sure if you’re able to eventually get all of the skills, but because you only get a single point per level it’s good to specialize in something early on.

For example, if your gladiator is primarily a melee frontliner who loves getting up close and personal, then Strength and Attack would probably be your best stats to power up. Vitality and Defense wouldn’t hurt either. Magicak and Agility probably wouldn’t be too important. The point is to try to build towards your character’s strengths. On the flipside, a magic user probably wouldn’t want Strength because you’ll want to stay away from melee fights.

Of course, in the end how you build is completely up to you. We just recommend starting out to try to stick to a plan so you have a reliable strength to fall back on.

3. Pick the right weapon for the job!

Each of the five weapon types have unique properties. Swords deal 20% more damage to flesh, so use them against lightly armored opponents. Axes have a 10% increased chance to critically hit. Clubs deal 20% more damage to armor, so use them for heavy armor targets. Polearms have the longest reach out of all the weapons, so use them if you like keeping your opponents at bay. Bows let you attack from a range.

On the versus screen, you can tap the Gladiator button at the top right to change your gear before the fight. Study your opponent’s stats and bring the right weapon!

4. Keep fighting for gold!

In order to challenge the next tournament, you’ll need to level up to a certain level. Once you do this, the tournament is open and you can enter at any time you wish. You can still do free duels but they stop rewarding you with experience. However, you are still rewarded with gold so do not feel rushed to do the tournaments as soon as they open.

In fact, powerful opponents await you so you’ll want to buy the best gear possible before you head into the fray. Keep fighting in the free duels for more gold. The harder the duel is, the more gold you’ll get out of it.

5. Buy some healing potions!

The large healing potion from the Magic Shoppe restores your health completely and it only costs 300 gold. Once you’re able to start taking down the free duel opponents easily, we recommend stocking up on the potions. They can really save your life in a pinch, and dying is a little scary in this game…

6. Invest some points into Charisma!

If you’ve got extra points, consider dumping them into Charisma. Charisma makes things cheaper in the shop and earns you more gold and experience from duels. Another thing is that if your gladiator is slain in glorious battle, you will have to roll for a chance to resurrect without a gold penalty. If you have high charisma, you’ll have an easier time resurrecting without the penalty.

That’s all for Swords and Sandals 2. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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