Sword of Shadows is an enchanting MMO action game based around martial arts. The ancient world of Jianhgu is threatened by the arrival of dark forces, and now it’s up to you to take up arms. Create a character and choose from five different schools of martial arts, each with their own set of abilities and attacks. Sword of Shadows is also a visually stunning game as it’s running on a new engine from Snail Games. But enough talk – let’s get started with our Sword of Shadows cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Sword of Shadows is a pretty expansive game so there’s a lot to cover here, but since a lot of the game is automated will keep it to the important parts, so here’s our Sword of Shadows tips and tricks guide.

1. Keep completing the quests!

Sword of Shadows is a game that you set aside and do your own thing, because of a lot of the game play is automated. For a good majority of the game you’re going to be running back and forth between quest givers, and thankfully it’s really easy to do. Just tap on the quest window at the left side of the screen and your character will automatically run towards quest givers and objectives. The only time you actually need to tap on the screen is to advance through dialogue, but after that your character will resume automatic travel.

2. Use your defense and break skills!

Combat in Sword of Shadows is pretty straight forward. Use your overt skills when they’re off cooldown and use your basic combo attack inbetween. Simple stuff, right? It gets a little trickier later on. Once you’ve completed a certain quest, you’ll start unlocking additional moves for your character. Two important moves are your defense and break skills. Your defense skill puts your character into a defensive stance with a blue shield over their head.

If you’re struck during this, you will automatically counter attack! What’s even better is that you can use this against enemy overt skills (the skills with the red targeting zones). Your second important skill is your break skill. If you notice that your enemy is trying to do what you do and defend against your attacks, use your break skill. If it successfully connects, a break skill will shatter an enemy’s guard leaving them vulnerable to counter attack. When this happens the blue shield above their head breaks in half and turns yellow. That’s your chance!

3. Strengthen your character!

By just doing the main quest line, you should have enough silver and materials to power up your character is a variety of ways. It’s not complicated to power up, you just need to make sure you’re keeping up with it.

  • Forging lets you increase the stats on your individual gear pieces. You’ll need forging stones to do this but you’ll end up with a ton of them from the quest rewards. You can only forge up to your character’s maximum level, so make sure to reforge every time you level up.
  • Martial Arts are your combat skills. To improve them, you’ll need to “cultivate” them. To cultivate, you need silver and appropriately cultivation points. Like forging stones, you’ll have a bunch of these so always make sure you have cultivation queued up. When you cultivate a skill, it doesn’t improve right away; you need to wait a certain amount of time.
  • Internal Skill grant you passive stat boosts. Depending on the school you pick, you’ll get a different set of boosts. Internal skills work just like martial arts, so make sure you always have your current school cultivating.

As a side note, there’s a tiny blue and red button above your character status bars at the top left corner of the screen. Tapping this will show you your queues for martial arts and internal skills, making it really easy to add more things into the queue.

4. Donate to the school!

Be sure to donate to your school every day. You can do it once per day, and doing so increases your renown with the school. When you’ve acquired enough renown, you’ll move up in school rank. These ranks function just like Internal Skills, as they grant your passive stat boosts. Be sure not to miss a day!

5. Grab all the goodies!

These MMO-style games usually have a bunch of freebies for you, and Sword of Shadows in no exception. There are a lot of goodies for you to grab. Keep an eye on the top right corner of the screen – you’ll see a bunch of event buttons. If a red exclamation mark is next to a button, that means there’s something waiting for you to claim. You can get stuff from the Novice Gift (7 day log-in), the Bonuses (check-in, level reward, online pack), and the Event (daily login, daily online). Get them all!

That’s all for Sword of Shadows. Keep completing the quests, and you’re on your way to victory! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. This is the best rich article and guide about Sword Of Shadow game so far i found in the web. Other websites write so simple, and lack of important points :-D Great job man, thanks

  2. I really enjoy the game & it’s awesome graphics. Yet as most online games Can’t compete with players who spends money
    But i have to admit it’s so far the best game I’ve ever seen&played.
    Ty for helping us new players with the information you have provided. Appreciate it

  3. Just started playing today…. can anyone tell me how to use weapons? I have a flaming red sword at the back of my character but I don’t know how to use it during a fight….. i mean it literally tuck inside the sheat.

    • That would probably be your divine weapon. It’s kind of there just for decoration, but you can upgrade it to make it stronger, which would make your character stronger.

    • hahaahah it aint stuck, hihihi…it depends on what material art u were..using..If u use SWORD, u will be able to use it if you equipped in in the charachter customize…

  4. i would like to suggest to u to be patient n collect d hell or heaven entrance ticket as much as u can (atleast 10). Once u did go challenge it but dont take “challenge 10” use 1 by 1 coz u have better chance to get atleast 1 purple divine like that.

  5. Frustrated as could be! One of my quests seems to be broken. There is a mob called Government Agent blocking the entrance to my destination, and no matter what I do, it stuns me, then teleports me away from the location. I can’t continue! Help please!

  6. I have a quest that i can’t finish… “Confront the Water Convent Elder about the logevity locket”.. Do someone know how to finish this quest?


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