Snail Games’ brings us another epic MMORPG. In Sword of Shadows, you can create a character in the mystical world of Jianhgu. With the help of our Sword of Shadows cheats and tips, you’ll take up a martial art and master it very quickly. Like the recently released Dragon Revolt, there’s a huge world to discover in Sword of Shadows.

So let’s not waste any time and get right to it in our Sword of Shadows cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide. You’ll be the best martial artist ever!

Collect all the freebies!

Much like Snail Games’ other MMORPGs, Sword of Shadows contains a LOT of starting gifts for new players and as you progress through the game. At the top right you can see all of the rewards sections you can look through. Again, just like Dragon Revolt, if you see a notification exclamation mark, that means something is waiting in that category for you to claim! You can get log in bonuses, check in bonuses, bonuses for staying online a certain amount of time, and event bonuses as well. Grab them all!

Questing is the name of the game!

Like any MMORPG there’s tons of quests for you to undertake in Sword of Shadows. The window at the left side of the screen will always show your active main story quest. If you simply tap on the quest, your character will automatically run towards the objective location. This makes it really easy to auto through the game, so you should always be completing these quests. They reward you with ample amounts of experience points and silver, which you’ll need to power up your character.

Master using your skills!

Overt skills are your active offensive skills that deal big damage to enemies. Use them as soon as they’re off cooldown and be relentless to defeat your enemies quickly. As you level up and progress through the game, you’ll unlock additional abilities that will help you excel in combat further.

The skills you get are your Defense and Break skills. Defense skills put your character into a defensive stance. If you’re hit with an enemy overt skill while in this stance, you will automatically retaliate with a powerful counter attack. Mastering the Defense skill is key to taking down the bigger bosses!

Break skills do exactly what they sound like they’d do – break through enemy guard! Sometimes the enemies will try to be clever and defend against your attacks like you would. If you catch them doing this, let out a Break skill and their defensive stance will be shattered, rendering them vulnerable to big attacks.

Keep upgrading your character!

As you progress through the main quests, you’ll earn a lot of silver and materials. One of the materials are “Forging Stones” and you can use these to… well, forge your gear. Reforging gear powers up its stats, so do it as much as you can. You can only reforge gear up to your character’s level, so don’t forget to do it often.

To power up your combat skills, you’ll need to spend Cultivation Points. Like the name suggests, cultivating a martial art will not upgrade it immediately – you’ll need to wait a certain amount of time before the upgrade goes through. Be sure to always have something cultivating.

Take advantage of the blue and red shortcut buttons above your character’s health and mana bars. These buttons will show you your upgrade queues for easy access.

And with that, that’s all of our Sword of Shadows tips and tricks for now. If you have any other adventuring tips to share, sound off in the comments below!


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