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Sword Master Story Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

In today’s article we are going to check out the Sword Master Story strategy guide, to help you discover how to quickly get stronger in the game. If you want to improve fast and put together a powerful team, this is the place for you to be!

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I will tell you how to obtain strong characters and how to pass all the stages in the game, as well as how to properly equip your heroes. So, are you ready? Then let’s not waste another moment and dive right into the Sword Master Story tips and cheats!

Rush Through the Early Stages

At the very beginning you won’t have a lot of options, other than following the tutorial and playing the early stages of the game in Adventure Mode. That’s great, because it’s exactly what I suggest you to do.

Try to advance as much as you can with your current character, before you start upgrading them. That way, you will not waste any unnecessary resources on characters you will not use.

Once you aren’t strong enough to progress anymore, head back to the main menu and unlock other heroes and start reinforcing them.

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Collect All the Rewards

When you want to start advancing again in the game, simply head to your in-game mail and redeem your rewards. One of the rewards will be a 5-star summon ticket, which is great to help you advance quickly in the game.

Use that coupon and summon your second 5-star character (your first one is the default one, Cain). If you’re happy with the summon result, then start upgrading the heroes.

Oh, and before I forget – there are some in-game coupon codes which you can redeem! Don’t forget about them, because they have an expiration date. Furthermore, they will help you summon more heroes, by using the free Rubies for 11 summons.

Complete Quests and Achievements to Earn More Rubies

Whenever you are a few Rubies short, make sure you take a look at all the quests available. The main reward from quests and achievements is Ruby, so you can (you should!) save them up for the 11 summon gacha.

Other rewards from quests include Stamina and useful items which will help you boost your heroes’ strength. So, make sure that you give them a read and try to complete as many as you can.

Also, make sure that you do your daily quests. These reset on a daily basis, so you should try to complete them to get the maximum rewards every single day.

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Should You Use Auto-Play or Not?

Once you reach rank 20, you will unlock the auto-battle option. This will allow you to progress in the game without having to constantly tap on the button to go Next. This option is great if you want to leave the game playing in the background while you’re going about your daily chores.

You can set the progress speed on 2x (by selecting the “play” button next to the auto one), and activate auto-progress by tapping once on the “A” button.

– When you should use Auto-Play:

In my opinion, when you want to quickly progress or casually farm to collect items and EXP, you should always use the auto option. That way you will not have to constantly check your device to see whether or not your heroes are still alive.

– When I don’t recommend using Auto:

When you are trying to progress in the game and you’re fighting certain (strong) bosses, you should not go with the auto. It’s better to manually cast the spells and use them at the exact time you want, to have a maximum effect.

Rush Rank 20 for Free 5* Summon

When you reach rank 20, you will receive a free 5-star summoning ticket. That is going to be a great addition to your team, so I suggest that you don’t rush spending all of your EXP bottles before that.

This is where you’ll find the 5-star summoning ticket: tap on the Pack button, and scroll down until you see the Newbie Event tab. Check out the requirements for all of them and make sure you come back to redeem them whenever they become available!

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Equip the Right Gear

Equipping the right (and the best) gear for each class is super important. Gear will greatly boost your heroes, and give them additional useful stats. So, make sure that you always equip them with the best gear possible.

Furthermore, if you have the right gear for a tank or DPS, it can really make (or break) a boss fight. Keep in mind that gear has similar stats overall (weapons and jewelry give damage, armors give defense), so try to use the gear which your character will have the most need for.

For instance, you want your healer to have a lot of flat HP, your tank to have balanced defenses (crit mitigation, flat defense and HP), and your damage dealers preferably flat HP or a combination of whatever else you have left.

Gear Has Set Bonus – Equip Them Accordingly!

It’s very important to pay attention to the set bonuses. Ideally you want your tank and healer to have defensive sets (like Iron Knight Set), and your damage dealers offensive ones (like Aristocrat’s Dignity set, Hero’s Pledge set or Mercenary Hero set). As for the healers, defensive sets or defensive/offensive ones will do (such as the Red Knight’s Will set).

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Equip the Right Weapons

Unlike the gear, weapons don’t have a set bonus. Instead, they have elemental bonuses, which you should pair with the right hero. Those elemental bonuses can have a huge effect against bosses, so make sure you always change them before a tough boss fight (or in case you get stuck).

Overall, weapons have 4 main categories you should check for:

Option (the weapon’s stats – such as Crit Rate, active skill cooldown reduction, certain hero element damage increase, and so on)

Additional Option (additional stats which open when you +15 the weapon)

Passive Effect (a passive boost in all characters’ damage)

Unique Option (a unique stat which differs from weapon to weapon – it can be extra crit, extra defensive stats, extra damage, and so on)

Make Gold By Selling Extra Shards

As you keep playing, you’ll collect tons of weapons and shards. I suggest that you sell the shards for the weapons you aren’t really using (pretty much all the ones below 3-star) because they will give you Gold in return.

In order to sell them, simply tap on a weapon which has the red exclamation mark, then tap on the Shard option. You can then select Sell Shards and sell the extra ones one by one. But, if you want to sell them in bulk, there is an option in the top left side of the screen, called Sell. There you can select multiple items to sell according to their stars.

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Enhance Your Heroes

If you want to progress quickly, your best bet is on upgrading your heroes. There are several upgrades you could work on, so let me help you out:

– Level up the heroes:

This option will let you use EXP potions to boost your heroes and level them up quickly. With each level a hero gains, they will increase their overall CP, Attack, Defense and Health. This is the fastest way to improve your heroes’ CP, because it’s cheap (you get a ton of EXP potions from grinding) and extremely easy to do.

– Skill up your heroes

Each hero will have 5 skills – the first 4 will be available as soon as you unlock a hero, but the fifth one will unlock when the hero reaches level 50. I suggest that you start by upgrading your most used heroes’ active skills first, then work on the passives which boost the stat you want (ATK in damage dealers and DEF in tanks/supports).

Leveling up the skills of a hero is not easy, so I suggest you start with your main carry, then move on to the other heroes.

– Reinforce your characters

The Reinforce option is pretty similar to the skill up one, in the sense that it’s meant to boost a hero’s basic stats. This option costs Gold, which you can obtain fairly easy. You should start by upgrading the heroes’ most desired stats (ATK and Crit for your carries and DEF and HP for your tanks and supports).

In my opinion, if you have a lot of Gold to spare, you should upgrade them all equally. All of the heroes will benefit from ATK, HP, DEF and Crit, so it’s never a bad idea to try and max them all out. But, since this is not possible at start, you could leave out a the secondary stats and favor the main ones.

Are You Stuck? Farm in the Dungeons!

One of the best ways to gather materials and currency to quickly upgrade your toons is to spend your AFK time in the dungeons. As boring as that might sound, it’s the best use of your time.

The Dark Lord’s Tower is a dungeon which gets increasingly more difficult, but it has a variety of useful rewards. Try to complete the levels whenever you make new upgrades to your heroes.

The Dark Dragon dungeon is the best one for farming accessories and equipment. It has various difficulties, so make sure that you choose the right one for your team. I’d suggest starting with Difficulty 1, then move to Difficulty 2 if you’re confident, and so on. But keep in mind – you can only do this a few times a day for free (without paying Rubies), so make sure you do it daily!

The EXP Dungeon is ideal if you want to quickly reach level 90 with your heroes. I suggest that you leave your characters – or even device AFK and plugged in, while fighting in this dungeon. It’s one of the easiest ways to farm and level up your heroes.

Gold Dungeon, as the name suggests, is where you go to farm Gold. It’s got similar mechanics to the EXP Dungeon and Ice Dragon dungeon, so if you’re looking to gather Gold instead of EXP or Awakening Cubes, this is the place to be.

Ice Dragon dungeon, like I previously mentioned, is a similar dungeon to the EXP and Gold one, except it gives you Awakening Cubes used for boosting the characters’ skills.

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Do Your Daily Dungeon Sweep

Every day you will have the option to Sweep the dungeons 20 times. That basically means you don’t have to attend them, just select the option, how many times you want to fight them, and you’ll instantly receive the rewards.

I suggest that you take advantage of this option every day, because it’s going to save you a lot of time that you’d otherwise spend farming in the dungeon.

These would be all of our Sword Master Story tips and tricks that we have for you right now. Do you know some other useful game tips or strategies? Feel free to share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Sword Master Story Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

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