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Sword Master Story How to Upgrade Your Equipment | Tips and Cheats

When you first start playing Sword Master Story, chances are you won’t understand much about the equipment and how exactly it works. The game does a pretty lacking job of explaining it, so if you want to learn how to get stronger, you came to the right place.

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Before we check out how you could upgrade your equipment, make sure you take a look at our guide. It will help you understand the game better and teach you a thing or two on how you can improve.

Acquire Equipment Sets

Each gear (except for the Weapons) has a set which offers its wielder some extra stats. Some of these stats are defensive, while others are better for giving offensive stats. You can find out more about which sets are recommended for specific heroes here.

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Long story short – you can make 2-piece sets, 3-piece sets, or 5-piece sets. They each give different stats, and that’s even more prominent once you have multiple 5-star gear pieces.

Reinforce Equipment

Once you have acquired a specific equipment piece, you can start reinforcing it. Your reinforced gear will receive increased basic stats. This is the stats that will increase:

– Weapons will get an increase to flat ATK

– Armors will get an increase in flat DEF

– Boots will get an increase in EVA %

– Helmets will get added flat HP

– Rings will boost the Crit Damage %

– Gloves will add some ACC %

These stats cannot be changed (you can’t swap ATK on a weapon for Crit DMG for instance) and they will improve starting from the base stat a gear gets at +0. To give you an idea, if Ancient Boots give 23% EVA at +0, if you reinforce them to +5 they will give you 24.5% EVA (+0.3% per reinforce).

sword master story refining

How many times can I Reinforce an item?

You can reinforce an item a maximum of 60 times (Item will be +60). This is how you do it:

– +0 -> +15 can be achieved using Reinforcement Scroll

– +15 -> +29 can be achieved using Blessed Reinforcement Scroll

– +30 -> +50 can be achieved using Ancient Reinforcement Scroll

– +50 -> +60 can be achieved using Brilliant Reinforcement Scroll

Note: You can Synthesize Reinforcement Scrolls into Blessed Reinforcement Scrolls, but it’s not a great thing to do before you make all of your end-game equipment +15 at least. The reasoning behind this is that it will take 10,000 Reinforcement Scrolls to create 1 Blessed Reinforcement Scroll! (I might be mistaken about the exact amount because the text is in Korean, so correct me if I am wrong)

Unlock Additional Stats at +15

Once you have unlocked a decent weapon, you should invest in +15. Once it reaches this reinforcement level, it will unlock additional stats. Those stats, in turn, can be rerolled until you receive the stats you want.

Refine Equipment

Refining equipment means increasing their rank and changing the stats they have. Basically, all of your equipment will start at <Magic> quality. Equipment doesn’t have the highest possible stats at <Magic> quality, so if you want to boost those stats, you will have to refine the gear.

But before we take a look at how you can use the refining scrolls, it’s important to know how qualities are. These are the qualities:

<Magic> -> <Unique> -> <Legend> -> <Epic>

Try to keep them in mind, because the color might be quite confusing. I, for instance, played the game thinking that Unique is the highest, when in fact it is only the third best. In that regard, Sword Master Story is really different than other games.

sword master story refine

Normal Refining Scrolls: can change a <Magic> equipment piece into <Unique> (and not higher).

Rare Refining Scrolls: can change a <Magic> item into <Unique>, <Legend> or <Epic>. It’s best to use them after you made an item Unique.

Premium Refining Scrolls: have the highest chance to upgrade an item to <Epic>. Use Normal scrolls or even Rare scrolls to upgrade an item as much as you can, and use the Premium ones only when you’re 100% certain you will keep said item. They are quite rare to come across, and they are not guaranteed to make your items <Epic>! So, it might take quite a few tries.

Additional Weapon Refining Scrolls: can refine the Additional Stats that you unlock once your weapon hits +15. They can upgrade the quality from <Magic> all the way to <Epic>.

A few things to keep in mind when Refining:

Refining can not fail – if it doesn’t upgrade your item quality, it will only change its stats.

– Once you upgraded an item to a certain quality, it will not drop back to <Magic>.

– Refining an item multiple times (without upgrading it) will add bonus chance %, which will guaranteed upgrade said item when the gauge is 100%.

Option Inherit

This option will cost 900 Ruby, and it can be used if you want to transfer certain stats from one piece of gear to another, of the same kind and quality (Magic to Magic, Unique to Unique, you get the point).

I don’t suggest doing this for the low gears, only for the good 5-star ones in case you can’t get some good stats on them. The item you inherited the stats from will reset.

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Equipment Shards

There are two options when you press on the red Shard button – Transcend or Sell Shards. You can obtain equipment Shards by getting the same equipment multiple times from summoning or from dungeons. Since you can only have one equipment of that type, all the extras will turn into shards. This is what each of the options does:

Transcend: It will give that piece of gear increased stats. For example, if you choose to Transcend a +0 Hero’s Armor with Transcend 0 to Transcend 1, you will use 100 Shards and it will give you 44 Defense instead of 20. It’s basically the best way to increase the basic stats of your equipment.

Transcending an item will cost Gold (quite a bit if you transcend a lot) and Transcendence Scrolls.

Sell Shards: This is simple – you sell all the extra shards you have for a specific item in exchange for Gold. You could do this for the low-grade gear (1-star up to 3-star), but I strongly suggest not to do it for the higher equipment, because it could make that equipment really strong.

And that’s about it when it comes to refining your equipment! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them down in the comments below – I’ll do my best to answer all of them.

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Sword Master Story How to Upgrade Your Equipment | Tips and Cheats

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