Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

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In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel tips and cheats and help you get stronger and pass more stages in this beautiful game!

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There are quite a few releases about SAO, but this game in particular is a really good one, especially if you are a fan of the series (at least I am, and for me it definitely did a good job). With all of the cinematics and interactions, the game will definitely tell a story which will play out pretty much like an episode (or more).

So if you do not really like all of the cinematics, then the bad part is that there are quite a lot of them – but if you look past that, you can try to skip them then you will definitely have a good time! But enough with the introductions – you came here for all of the Sword Art Online tips and tricks, so let’s dive right into them!

You can strain from the set path

As you might have noticed, you will have a direction in which you will have to be headed basically, which is shown on the minimap (in the upper left side of the screen). There you will notice that the glowing dot is where you need to be going – but since there are many paths that you can take to the destination, one thing which you should really do is explore before you head on to the final destination for that stage!

By exploring you will discover tons of materials, resources and other useful items which will help you when you will be needing certain materials. So try to discover as much as you can of the maps before you head on to the final boss fight and complete that stage.

Whenever you go and explore the level you will encounter not only collectibles, but also enemies which will attack you. Try to fight them as best as you can because they will grant you plenty of EXP and that’s good for helping you level up – so all small encounters matter!

My tip here: As I have noticed, there will be little glowing marks on the spots where you will discover loot, so try to walk over them if you spot them and collect the loot because it’s worth doing so!

Complete all of the missions in each level

There will be some extra missions in each stage, which will give you some extra rewards, so try to always read them before you go and play the stages and try to complete them all – they might be pretty simple, such as finding all of the chests in the level or other requests like that, so try to remember them and complete them all.

If the level is pretty difficult and you are it super confident that you will succeed, then try to do as many as you can and once your power has improved a little bit then you should come back and re-play those stages which you haven’t finished with all missions complete, because you can then claim the rewards!

How good is Auto Mode?

Now for those of you who are wondering about the auto battle mode, it will have its pros and cons, but it all depends on what game content you are currently at and how you want to play the game. If you want just a speed run, because you are busy, then you can turn Auto mode on and let the game progress through for you.

But if you want a complete run, then you should definitely turn auto off, in the level progress screen at least, even if you want to keep in on in the battle. I noticed that the auto in the super early stages is good and effective, because the enemies are not crazy strong and you can advance pretty fast by just having the game playing automatically.

My tip here: I liked to just have the game playing on Auto int he early levels, because that was a very fast way to progress through the game. Now if you want to play the stages yourself, by all means go ahead and do it, but if you want to turn auto on for a quicker progress, then that will do just fine.

I’ve noticed that the combos and skills in the auto mode work pretty good in this game, unlike in other games which just brainlessly use the skills as they become available.

Do the Release Celebration Scout ASAP

This little summoning feature is going to be super useful and you can achieve it after playing for several minutes, up until you have collected 125 Diamond Cubes. Those you will then use in the main interface -> Scout menu, where you will be able to do your summons (scout for new characters).

The very first time you will do this, it will cost you 125 Diamond Cubes, and that is because the first time you will have 50% off! That’s super good, because when you scout the 11x Scout you will only pay 125 Diamond Cubes instead of 250, which is the normal price!

Make sure that you do this when you have the opportunity because it will give you a 4 star characters guaranteed! So try to rush collecting 125 Diamond Cubes and do this, then save them up!

Upgrade the characters & make them stronger

As you progress through the stages, the heroes which you have added to your team will constantly level up, as long as you are defeating monsters. There are several ways that you can make upgrades to your heroes, so if you want to get them stronger, let me tell you all about it:

Level up the heroes: you can upgrade the level of your heroes by simply challenging stages, and defeating the monsters that you encounter. There is another way to make upgrades to the heroes, and that is by using EXP potions which are used to increase their level.

To upgrade a hero’s level using the potions, simply tap on the small + sign next to the hero’s level, and then select the potion you want to use to enhance them! Before the Breakthrough, a 4 star hero can be upgraded up to level 80, a 3 star hero can be upgraded up to level 70, a 2 star hero can be upgraded up to level 60 and a 1 star hero up to level 50.

After you have reached maximum level with the heroes, you will be able to activate the Limit Break, which will boost them even further!

Limit Break: Limit Break will let you enhance your character to a higher level (basically let you add 5 more levels to their max level) and it will also unlock the characters’ Skill Slot! Doing this will increase the ATK, MATK, DEF and MDEF of the heroes, and for those heroes which are 4 stars and you Limit Break, their illustration will also change!

So all in all these are the main upgrades that you can make to the characters, and to these you will also be able to add skills and equip them with gears! Let’s check out below more details about these two features:

Skill up the heroes

Remember those resources that I mentioned earlier? Well, one thing which you will most definitely use them for is the skill enhancements. There will be several skills your heroes can learn, which can be either passive skills, or active skills.

To check them out simply head on to the Skill Slot menu (you can see it when you press the Party button to edit your heroes) and there, once you open the Skill Slot menu you will have a few skills which you can teach your characters, by using the materials which you have collected.

Certain skills will have different level requirements, so you will not be able to unlock all of them at once, unless you’ve leveled up quite a bit. I suggest that whenever you spot a small red dot on the Skill Slot menu, you should check it out and learn or upgrade the skill which became available!

My tip here: Eventually you will learn all of the skills if you didn’t rush the stages, because the more you explore the more materials you will pick up which you will be able to use to make all of the skill upgrades you need!

Gear up the heroes

The gears are super important as well, and they will be available when you open a character’s menu and head on to the first tab from the top right side of the screen. There you will be able to see all of your hero’s stats, and if you check out in the bottom right side of the screen, you will see the Equipment.

Make sure that you always equip your best heroes with the best gears first, and then gear up the rest of the heroes in your team with the gears you have left. This will ensure that your most powerful members who have the most potential are unlocked so they can carry the rest of the team – at least until you have collected all of the 4 star heroes you wanted!

Get more weapons

– If you remember that there was a 11x 50% off First Time Scout, you should know that there is the equivalent of that but for gears! Just open the Gears tab in the Scout menu and the second option will let you do the 11x Weapon Scout for just 75 Diamond Cubes (normally costs 150)!

Out of these you will get a 4 star weapon guaranteed, so make sure that when you saved enough Diamond Cubes you do this weapon scout because it will really make a big difference!

– You can also claim various weapons when fighting if you are lucky, so try to keep everything that you collect!

Add more in game friends

Whenever you are fighting the enemies in the stages, you will be able to add a support char as a helper to make things easier. This will belong to another player, and you can add them when the match is over by pressing Follow.

You can also add more friends and Follow them by pressing on the menu in the top right corner of the screen -> Friend menu -> Search and type in there the friend’s ID that you are looking for! If you want, feel free to share your IDs down in the comments section below and have other people Follow you! If you want you can also add me with the ID 359645083428!

By adding more friends you can receive Friend Points which you can then spend in the Friends Points Shop to purchase various goods!

Log in daily to claim free rewards

You can log in to the game every day and claim free daily login rewards by simply logging in to the game and not having to do anything else at all! Just make sure that you do this and you stack up the rewards even if you don’t plan on playing the game that particular day, because it will make quite a difference when you do decide to play to use all of the stored rewards!

These would be all of our basic Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and tricks? Share them with us down in the comments section below! And stay tuned for a complete battle guide!

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Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

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