Swinging Stupendo is taking the stage by storm! He’s a daring acrobat who lives for the thrill of his stunt show! It’s an endless grappling adventure controlled by you; just make sure not to let him touch the electrodes! We’ll help you put on the best show with our Swinging Stupendo cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Here’s a demonstration of one of our best runs!


2. The layout is always the same!

After a couple of tries, you’ll quickly notice that the layout of the level isn’t randomly generated. It’s always the same! You can obviously take advantage of this by memorizing obstacle locations and ring locations. Keep playing and eventually you’ll have a big part of the layout memorized! Just remember though, the daily challenges change – you guessed it – daily, which means the layout will change every day.

3. Fly through the green rings!

There are intervals in the levels where there will be no electrodes. Instead, there will be many green rings floating about. If you can get Stupendo to swing through these, you’ll get bonus points added to your total for your troubles.

4. Try to gauge where your rope will be!

The key to getting long distances in this game is to know where exactly your rope will land. One too many times we failed a run because we misjudged the distance the rope travels! You see, when you tap, Stupendo shoots out the grappling rope, there’s a bit of distance between him and the rope’s impact point. Mastering this distance is key to survival, as this will determine your swing arc and velocity.

5. Stupendo’s weak point is his body!

Stupendo’s arms and legs flail around as he zooms through the air, but they’re free from harm. If any of his limbs comes into contact with an electrode, you’ll be fine. You’re only in danger if Stupendo’s egg-shaped body itself collides with an electrode.

6. Keep practicing!

All of the above tips will come to you the more you play the game. As you get the timing down with the rope, you’ll begin to master the physics of the game. Keep practicing, take breaks if you need to!

Above all, you should be having fun! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



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