Sweet Tales: Valentine Match is a Valentines’ themed match-3 puzzle game. It’s simple and sweet and easy to pick up for everyone. Like most match-3 games, there’s a lot of challenge in the later levels so we’re here with a couple of general tips and tricks to help you through this colorful candy land. Here is our Sweet Tales: Valentine Match cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Ready to dive into the candy craziness? Let’s get started with our Sweet Tales: Valentine Match tips and tricks guide!

1. Go for the special pieces!

It wouldn’t be a true match-3 puzzle game without the special pieces, now would it? Super candy pieces are formed whenever you match four or more pieces. Matching four candies will get you the line candy, while matching five candies in the “T” formation will get you the cross candies. If you can manage to match five candies in a row, you’ll get the ultimate rainbow candy that can instantly match all candies on the board of one type. Always try to match more than just three candies!

2. Plan out your moves!

As any match-3 master will tell you, planning out and conserving your moves is the key to victory! Early on it’s pretty easy to get through the levels with more than enough moves left. Later in the game though you’re going to be cutting it close if you’re still using the same tactics and strategies!

3. Go for the jackpot!

After conquering level 9, you’ll unlock the jackpot level. You’ll have to bet the premium currency in order to play it, but the more you bet the better the reward will be. There’s a catch though, of course! The reward you get is determined by how many stars you end up with after the jackpot level. The better you do, the more coins you’ll get. You can bet a maximum of 100 at which point the jackpot will be a whopping 700 coins! Be warned – the more coins you bet, the more rigorous the level will be!

If you want, you can play it safe and bet low. Betting low is a pretty easy and stable way of earning more coins.

4. Take your free spins!

Be sure to enable notifications for the game so you know when your free spins are available. You can get a bunch of different rewards from the prize wheel, including more coins, boosters, and so forth.

5. Work towards the objective!

If you’re on a level where it’s something besides collect a certain amount of candy, then always be sure that you’re working towards the objective. This goes in tandem with tip #2 where you should always plan out your moves. Say for example that you’re on a level where you need to clear out the blue stuff or you need to take down the evil witch. Will the move help you towards your current goal? Or is it unnecessary? Think carefully!

6. Friends!

If you’re getting stuck on a level, it might be helpful to connect your Facebook account. This will let you compare your scores to your friends’, but more importantly you’ll be able to ask them for extra lives!

That’s all for Sweet Tales: Valentine Match. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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