Tani and Nani somehow have managed to end up on different sides of the world even though they are usually inseparable. The only way they can get back together is with your world-moving skills!

TaniNani is a cute and charming puzzle platformer that challenges your spatial awareness. Each level has Tani and Nani in the world, but the world’s pieces are all jumbled up, and it is up to you to put them back in their right places.

With simple touch controls, you can drag pieces of the world around with to try to build an actual path. There is no time limit, so go ahead and examine all of the pieces carefully before you make a move.

TaniNani has 10 worlds for you to explore, with 120 levels among them. There are even optional challenges scattered throughout the worlds, and completing them unlocks fun little outfits for Tani and Nani.

TaniNani is available now on the App Store for 3.99 USD.



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