Swamp Attack is a brand new base defending game for the iPhone and iPad created by Out Fit 7, and it’s a really addictive game – something you probably know already if you tried to play it.

We are here to share with you a complete set of Swamp Attack cheats and tips – and we’re not talking about things that might get your account banned and should be used with caution.

We’re talking about common sense Swamp Attack tips and cheats that will help you get an advantage over the swamp monsters that keep attacking you and help you beat each level and each boss.

So if you want to do better in the game, here are our Swamp Attack cheats and tips!

Wait to unlock the weapons
There is no need to spend your coins on unlocking the weapons or explosives in the game. Instead wait to unlock them by completing levels – it’s the natural way to go and helps you get better weapons because the money you’d use on early unlock will be spent on upgrades

Try to get multikills
Since the shotgun is the basic weapon and it’s free, you should and will use it very often. You can get multikills with it by smartly shooting towards the middle of the pack of monsters. The idea is to tap somewhere in the air, not a monster and there are bigger chances for more of them to take damage. If you focus on one at a time, you’re dead!

Use explosives only when needed
The first couple of monster groups should be really easy to take out because you have more ammo and a fully loaded clip. Try to only use your valuable explosives only when it matters and put them to good use by making sure that you damage with them as many enemies as possible.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade
It’s a better idea to spend your coins on upgrading your weapons rather than purchasing explosives, because in the end it’s the weapons that help you the most with the monsters. Try to find the right balance between damage and clip size or ammo and never waste coins.

Prioritize monster killings
Raccoons are a good example here: since they explode when they reach your house or defenses, it’s a good idea to ignore the closest one if you can’t kill it in time and instead focus on the ones in the back.

2 dead Raccoons are better than 4 raccoons with 1% health, since they will all cause damage. Plan your moves ahead and destroy the animals based on the damage they might cause.

Learn to switch between weapons
And especially exploiting their attributes. Using the Uzi at long range is a waste of bullets, whereas raining a storm of bullets on mid range is a great idea. Learn to switch between the weapons at the right time to get the most out of every one.

Replay completed levels
The last level that you had no trouble beating should be the level you replay a few times every now and then to get enough funds for a new upgrade, for filling up your explosives and goodies inventory and for remaining competitive.

Unless you want to spend real money on the game, that’s the only approach that works. It’s also good to try the quick missions since they can also reward you with some nice amounts of coins.

Use everything you’ve got in the Quick missions
And I am especially talking about the explosives and extras here, because you won’t see any of them when the mission is over. So make your life easier and use them all as soon as possible!

Don’t waste reloading time
One extremely important thing to consider when it comes to reloading (this is mostly for the shotgun), is to let your main character reload one bullet or you’re just wasting time. In other words, if you shoot before you completely reload one bullet, you will reset the timer and you’ll require the same long time to reload next time. So always keep an eye on the bullets you have and try to shoot as soon as the previous reload is done.

And these would be our tips and tricks for Swamp Attack for the iPhone and iPad. Do you have any other strategies that work? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. When running out of energy, instead of waiting for it to refill, simply set the time of your device one hour (ore more, doesn´t matter) later. Back in the game, your energy is refilled (no need to stop or restart the game).

    In my experience, you got a lot more coins for a level when completing it for the first time (not only for the bonus). Before finshing the level, I let the last attacker alive and kill me, then restart the level for more coins. The alligator apocalypse gave me 1300 coins each time.

  2. I attempted level 18 4 times. However I. Went back & did level 7 , as you build up points & receive ammo. It’s a great way to build up ammo & points . I finally got through. MORE LEVELS. COMING. SOON ??????? WHEN ? As it is a great game and I am looking forward to more levels

  3. Hi from Portugal

    The slow, but best cheat is: SET YOUR DEVICE ONE DAY LATER :)

    voilá, you eran a day gift… Do this how many times you want, and you’ll get money (lots of..) and explosives etc…

    Hope I helped..

  4. Hi all,

    For getting more coin for upgrade the weapon, i find an easy way to do it but somehow inconvenient.
    You can change the date of your device 1 or more day toward to get daily rewards.
    Please consider careful of it because the more easier you get the coin the more boring you play the game.

    Have fun!

  5. Just finished 4/24. No gatlin gun no a-bomb. no cheats. On a non apple device. so……..keep trying….never give up! I did however use the three times gifts and double coins. No potions. I found that proper timing of explosives like acid rain and battery in combo with flame thrower and alien gun very effective on any boss. Mother ship was nearly boring. Completed all evil levels with same strategy. Looking forward to episode 5! Best game since tomb raider in the 90’s!

  6. I can not use my defense that i unlocked with coins, actually I can’t use aunt misty and neighbor bud in quick missions althought they are eqquiped!!! What shoud I do???

  7. Can someone tell me what the 3 faces (happy, straight, grumpy) are for or what do the do? You know. The one in multiplayer mode.
    I’ve hit them… just want to know the purpose of them …


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