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Suspects: Mystery Mansion Cheats and Codes

Suspects: Mystery Mansion Cheats and Codes
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Suspects: Mystery Mansion quickly became a hit in the social deduction games category. The gameplay is similar to Among Us, with some adorable characters and a ranking system tossed in.

The cheat codes for Suspects: Mystery Mansion are not yet available. Moreover, the game is too simple to be cheated on. Cheating or modifying game files may result in a permanent ban.

However, there are a few tips that might help the players.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to enhance your gaming experience. But before we start, why don’t you check out our beginner’s guide to Suspects: Mystery Mansion?

Get the tasks done

Various tasks in Suspects: Mystery Mansion
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Players should get their tasks done right away. There are two ways to defeat the assassin. First, players can discuss and guess the assassin. If the right assassin is tossed out of the mansion, the guests win.

Another way to beat the killer is to complete tasks. If all the guests complete the tasks before the assassin ambushes all the guests, the guests win.

Avoid playing without voice chat

The game is no fun without the voice chat. Unlike Among Us, Suspects: Mystery Mansion has an in-game voice chat. If players don’t speak up during discussions, they are likely to be tossed out of the mansions as suspects.

Don’t tail other players

Discovering the culprit in Suspects: Mystery Mansion
Image via Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Whether you are a guest or the assassin, running behind other players is the quickest way to become a suspect. Chasing other players will obviously lead to some heated discussions and unwanted accusations.

Be a helpful ghost

Guess who the assassin is in Suspects: Mystery Mansion
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Being thrown out of the mansion due to wrong accusations is a valid reason not to help the guests inside. But the larger goal is to thwart the assassin. Ghosts can still lend a hand in finishing the tasks and stop the assassin.

Don’t make it obvious

The worst thing an assassin can do is make it obvious. Tailing guests, being too loud or too silent in the discussions, and awkward ambushes can help guests capture the assassin. To avoid this, assassins should be smart and stealthy.

Planting the bombs far apart, pretending to complete tasks, and keeping calm during discussions can help the killers stay low.

This was our comprehensive guide to the essentials of Suspects: Mystery Mansion. If you want more tips and tricks, check out our Game Guides section.

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Suspects: Mystery Mansion Cheats and Codes


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