Beginner’s Guide to Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Suspects: Mystery Mansion Beginner's Guide
Suspects: Mystery Mansion Beginner's Guide

Suspects: Mystery Mansion created a buzz among casual gamers. The game is loosely based on the gameplay of Among Us. Suspects has more features, cute characters, and engaging gameplay.

Newbies who are not familiar with Among Us might need a headstart into the game. Unless players have some general idea about Suspects, they might be baffled when they enter the game.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion Overview, Gameplay, and Tips for Beginners

Get Introduced to the Game

Wildlife Studios are the creators behind Suspects: Mystery Mansion. Before this, the developer has created hits like Zooba and Tennis Clash. The “social deduction” game was released in 2021 and went on to gather favorable ratings on the Play Store.

Unlike Among Us, Suspects: Mystery Mansion has a ranking system, tasks, maps, and other game modes. It features an in-game voice chat that enables players to communicate. The game is loaded with outfits, skins, and other regular updates to keep players’ interests piqued.

What a Round of Suspects: Mystery Mansion Looks Like

From Assassin’s POV (Image via Google Play Store)

You, as a player, get invited to a mysterious mansion to solve a mystery. Ten players enter the mansion to complete the tasks and investigate. Out of those ten players, one is the assassin.

Image via Google Play Store

Players (Guests) have two tasks – complete the tasks before the assassin destroys all the players and/or identify the killer correctly. Players also have to watch out for other players and report any suspicious activities. Detectives do not have to complete tasks.

As the players are performing tasks, the killer ambushes players one by one. Any suspicious behavior calls for an emergency meeting. Players can discuss alibis, report a dead body, or discuss possible suspects. After this, players can vote the suspect and kick them out of the mansion.

Image via Google Play Store

Note that dead players can roam around the mansion and complete tasks as a ghost. Ghosts know who the assassin is, but they should not reveal the killer’s identity.

If the assassin is kicked out after voting, the players win. But if the wrong player is kicked out, the game continues until the players guess the right killer or the killer wins by killing all the players.

Some Quick Tips

Image via Google Play Store
  1. Complete the tasks: Players who join the game as guests should try to finish the tasks as soon as possible. There are two ways to beat the assassin. Guess the assassin or every player should finish all the tasks.
  2. Use Voice Chat: Without voice chat, the game is no fun at all. Typing out suspicions slows the game down and defeats the purpose of voice chat. Not participating in the discussions actively also takes the fun out of the game.
  3. Do not tail other players: Guests should not follow other players because that’s exactly what an assassin does. Following other players around is the easiest way of getting voted out of the game.
  4. Be a resourceful ghost: Ghosts can still complete the tasks and even walk through the walls, which is cool. Don’t be a spoilsport, keep the assassin’s identity a secret.
  5. Avoid being the dumb assassin: An assassin can finish a game within a minute by killing a player in front of other players. Especially, beginners are likely to make this mistake.
  6. Be smart with the bombs: As an assassin, you have to take full advantage of the bombs. Try to plant the bombs as far apart as possible. This will enable you to scatter players, stalk them, and ambush them.

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Beginner’s Guide to Suspects: Mystery Mansion


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