Survivor!.io All Weapon Evolutions List and Guide


Weapon Evolutions is probably one of the most exciting systems in Survivor!.io. It allows you to significantly modernize your gun during the battle, which is excellent. Read this guide, and you will find out about all weapons evolutions in Survivor!.io. No time to lose. Let’s get started!

All Weapons Evolutions in Survivor!.io

The fact is that in Survivor!.io, there are 18 different weapons evolutions. Moreover, developers regularly update the game. Therefore, they might add new boosts in the future. And you can see all boosts in the game with their effects in the table below. 

Weapon EvolutionEffect
KatanaIncreases blade wave strengthIncreases blade wave by 1
KunaiAdds 1 KunaiIncreases Damage
RPGFires and explosive rocket
Drill ShotFires 1 drill shot
BoomerangThrows 1 boomerang
GuardianSummon 2 guardians that spin around you and protect you
Forcefield DeviceGenerates a dissolving forcefield
Lightning EmitterA lightning shower on 1 random target area
Soccer BallThrows 1 football that bounces
Ronin OyoroiReceived damage -10%
Koga Ninja ScrollEXP Gain +8%
HE FuelAll ammo and weapon range +10%
Ammo ThrusterBullet Flight Speed +10%
Hi-Power Magnet Item loot range +100%
Exo-BracerOver-time effect duration +10%
Energy DrinkRestores 1% HP for 5 seconds
Energy CubeAll attack intervals -8%
Sports ShoesMovement Speed +10%

As you can see, most boosts give pretty powerful improvement to your hero. Therefore, you should try to be maximally effective to get more boosts. That is how it is.

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In conclusion, Weapon Evolutions is one of the most exciting features of Survivor!.io. Using weapon evolutions, you can improve your stats and surprise the opponent with your next move. And what boost to choose is only your decision. Thank you for reading our guide on Evolutions!

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Survivor!.io All Weapon Evolutions List and Guide


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