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Survivor!.io: How to Level up Fast

Survivor!.io: How to Level up Fast

One of the essential things in Survivor!.io is you level. Increasing your level not only expands your opportunities in Survivor!.io and makes you more powerful but makes you stand out among other players. The higher level you have, the more respectable you are. Read this guide and learn how to level up fast in Survivor!.io. No time to lose. Let’s get started!

Leveling Up Fast in Survivor!.io

The fact is that the further game goes, the easier it is to level up. When the game was released, it was pretty challenging to level up. Many players played more than 5 hours in the game daily to increase their level. However, nowadays, everything is way easier. Continue reading the guide, and you will find out about the best ways to level up in Survivor!.io 2022.

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Completing Quests

After the release, completing quests remains one of the best ways to increase your level. There are 2 categories of quests in Survivor!.io: normal and hard. Regular ones are perfectly suitable for beginners. They are easy and require nearly no effort. However, completing challenging quests would be best if you are a more experienced player.

Collect XP Artifacts

XP Artifacts are one of the oldest systems in Survivor!.io. It was added and removed with the Halloween update 2019. And at the moment of writing, this system is available in the game. In Survivor!.io, there are 13 artifacts. 6 of them will give you 8 EXP, 4 artifacts will provide you with 24 EXP, and a unique artifact, Cake Donut, will give you 96 EXP.

In conclusion, there are no problems with leveling up in Survivor!.io. You can have a high level even if you do not spend a few hours in a game daily. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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Survivor!.io: How to Level up Fast


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