The end of days is here, and now all you have got is yourself. With not many people left to trust and dwindling resources, the wasteland is going to force your hand; will you manipulate others to take advantage of them, or will you lead a trustworthy team? The choice is yours in End of Days: Survival.

End of Days: Survival is a card-based roguelike survival game where you must do whatever it takes to survive the apocalypse. Players will first choose one of the four characters with preset skills, or they can try a randomized character for more interesting scenarios.

Once you head into the wasteland, your run will governed with one of the six different scenarios that leads you closer to the truth. The scenario will determine what will occur during your run so you never know what to expect.

As you progress through the wasteland, you will be presented with an event card. Each event card will present you with a situation, and you can swipe left or right to act upon it. Each decision will have consequences, so make sure you think everything through.

With over 1,000 event cards and plenty of stories to go with each one, no two journeys through the apocalypse will ever be the same. How will yours end? End of Days: Survival is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store for 1.99 USD.

(This news article was originally published on Touch Tap Play)


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