Survive a Futuristic Wasteland in Pixel MMORPG Bit Legends, Now Available on Android


After a war tears the world the apart, there is nothing left but a desolate wasteland. Peaceful creatures that have once roamed the land have now turned into ferocious monsters, and mankind struggles to survive behind the walls of massive junk cities. You have just entered this wasteland… what will your story be?

TDH-Publisher, the studio behind the award-winning adorable Animal Restaurant, officially opens the gates to its new world, Bit Legends, a pixel sci-fi MMORPG full of crazy monsters, big bosses, and tons and tons of loot!

Players will start their journey as a new member of a small wasteland city. To pull their own weight, they will pick up various quests and journey outside the city where they will fight and tame wild beasts to create their own team.

All of the monsters fought in the game can be captured, and each monster has their own unique strengths and skills. Once they gain enough experience, monsters can also evolve into much powerful forms!

Players themselves will also grow stronger as they conquer the wasteland, and eventually they will be able to choose one of the three classes: bounty hunters, kung-fu masters, or engineers, each with their own unique talents and skills.

Players will also come across other players who are trying to make a name for themselves, and Bit Legends features friend grouping, guilds, raid dungeons, arena PvP battles, and more. Build a community and make some friends… or enemies!

And at the end of the day, everyone deserves some rest, so why not take a breather and go fishing? There is plenty of treasures to be found! Players can also decorate their hero will special flairs to make them stand out. What will your hero be known for?

Bit Legends is available now on the Google Play Store. An iOS version is currently in development and planned for a future release.

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Survive a Futuristic Wasteland in Pixel MMORPG Bit Legends, Now Available on Android


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