Survive a Crustacean Battle Royale in King of Crabs, Now Available on iOS and Android

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You are but a wee little crab, but with enough strength training and crab crushing action, you too can become the King of Crabs! A battle royale card featuring crabs is something that we never knew we needed.

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That’s right! In King of Crabs, you will spawn into a beautiful ocean side environment alongside 99 other crabs, all controlled by real human players. Scour the environment for deadly weapons built strictly for crabs, and take out the competition!

You can go it alone, or you can team up with friends to conquer the crab civilization together. You can also choose to fight in the standard PvP mode, or try out the more teamwork oriented PvE mode.

Whenever you win a match, you can also earn new crabs for your collection. Each crab not only looks different but also sports different stats and abilities, so collect them all and see which one does the best in battle!

King of Crabs will feature additional crabs, maps, and weapons in the future, so keep on crabbing! King of Crabs is available now as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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