Welcome to the sky, captain! It’s time to fend off those pesky pirates in Survival Arena TD! Survival Arena TD is, well, exactly what it sounds like! You’ll need to survive wave after wave of deadly pirates in this tower defense game. Survival Arena TD also contains some CCG elements, something that is becoming quite popular in today’s mobile games. You’ll be able to collect cards for your towers and abilities, powering them up! We’ve got a couple of tips for you here in our Survival Arena TD cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Starting off in Survival Arena TD is a bit tricky, so we’re here with some beginning strategies in our Survival Arena TD tips and tricks guide.


1. Complete the tasks!

The best way to gain more arsenal cards is to complete your tasks. You have a bunch of small tasks at first that require you to do things that you’ll probably complete naturally as you play the game. They’ll ask you to do things like build cannon towers, upgrade certain towers – stuff like that.

Every time you complete a task you’ll earn a normal supply chest that will contain some shiny new arsenal cards for you. It gets better though! Below the task list you’ll see checkmark boxes. These list the task you have to complete until you unlock the Ultimate Challenge. The ultimate challenge, as the name implies, is a lot of more challenging than the previous tasks. The rewards are even greater though! Upon completion, you’ll be rewarded with a Silver Chest – the 1000 skyshard chest.

2. Build lots of Ice Towers!

The only mode you’ll be able to play early on is Sudden Death. This mode plays out like a normal tower defense game save for the fact that you only have one life, meaning if just one unit breaches your defenses it’s all over, unless you have ammo to use at that moment. Ice Towers are crucial in making sure nothing slips past you. They’ll slow down enemies for you as you learned in the tutorial, but you should try to build a lot of them.

Say, for example, every two cannon towers you should have an ice tower. This is important because we’ve noticed that the majority of our losses come from the super speedy units, so you’ll need to keep them controlled!

3. Charge in with your hero!

During Duels, you will face off with a human opponent to see who’s base falls first. To win these fierce battles, you’ll need to play an even amount of defense and offense. Keep your towers secured to fight off the waves of units, but also keep the pressure on your opponent.

One of the best ways to apply pressure is using your hero. Your hero can actually target your opponent’s towers directly, destroying them in a couple of hits. Of course, the towers will fire back and you’ll need to be careful not to let your hero fall.

The best way to approach this is to wait for a wave of units to spawn, then move in with them. While the towers are busy firing at your small units, use your hero to take them out!

4. Upgrading > building!

Starting off, your basic towers are weak. Like, really weak. Your success in this game really depends on how upgraded you tower cards are (not the actual towers themselves during a match). Because of this, it’s usually much more beneficial to you to upgrade towers rather than building more.

Sudden death runs can end VERY fast – hence the name – because of the lack of damage from your towers. Having down a ton of level 1 towers won’t have much of an impact because of the base damage on your tower cards. Even just one level upgraded from a basic cannon tower will give it enough power to actually have impact.

That’s all for Survival Arena TD. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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